The Untold Story of Shayna Tesla

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning

The Untold Story of Shayna Tesla

It always takes forever and a half to get on an airplane. My family and I have just gotten to LAX, ready to finally go home and get some much needed rest and the plane gets delayed an hour. All I want is to get away from these horrible fiends that are my siblings.

"Why do I have to stay here by myself? I'm hungry too," I whined.

"You have to stay here, Shayna. We didn't eat lunch, so we're going to go while you watch the bags," Charvi, my oldest sister, retorted. She and I used to be really close when I was little but she grew up and started hating me for some reason.

"Why can't you just sit there and shut up for the rest of the trip? It's bad enough that the plane got delayed and now you keep babbling about being hungry when no one asked how you if you were 'hungry'," Arabella, my older sister by 2 years, snarled. The reason she hates me is one I've known since I could remember. I stole her spotlight of being the youngest of my family and for that, she'll continue to hate me.

"You act like I ate lunch," I mumbled under my breath. They both gave me a look that said stop-talking-or-I'll-sew-your-mouth-shut. Which I promptly struck them with the finger as I swept my hair away from my face. They didn't seem to notice but I'll count it as a win for me.

While they were away getting precious food and leaving me to starve to death, I reluctantly charged all the electronics that needed charging. Pretty much everyone's phone needed a bit of charging for the four hour horror of a plane ride. I never knew how far away Los Angeles and New Orleans really were until this trip. After a half hour of grumbling and wanting to disconnect my siblings phones so they can suffer through the plane ride, they all come back full as can be while my stomach is growling louder than a bear.

"Sweetie, you're hungry? Why didn't you say anything? Charvi and Arabella told us that you said you were still full from something you ate earlier," my dad said feeling guilty. Of course they would say that. They think I eat way too slow so they don't like being around me when we have to eat fast even though we can bring the food on the plane. "Com on, let's go get something real quick before they start calling for boarding."

We found a pretty good Chinese food place that had a pretty short line, so I got noodles, general chicken and a powerade. Right when we got back to the gate, they called for boarding to start in a few minutes and that everyone needed to get ready.

"You are so lucky that you weren't late," Charvi said with a murderous glare, while Arabella gave me the evil eye. I just ignored them and got my luggage and waited for us to be called

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