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The truck was loaded with hard candy

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By JOKERPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

I read it intermittently.

I didn't wear my glasses for half an hour, people were blurry.

John had only a few months to live, and he had to find a new family for the child.

John initially resisted finding a foster home for his son Mike, but he had to.

He didn't really care much about his first few families, but as he said, it was the most important decision of his life, and it would affect his children's lives.

The first family was a couple who had a big house and liked hiking. What John cared about was that the husband said that he wanted the child to enjoy the childhood he had, not to play games, but to hike and climb trees. He would not let the child become a sissy.

John began to care. The latter couple proposed the idea of an elite education, which John didn't object to, but they wanted him to transfer from his current kindergarten -- but Mike was happy there and had many friends.

He knew that the couple didn't care about Mike's likes and dislikes.

The second was the postman and his wife, who had adopted a daughter and a rabbit. The couple gave up their child for adoption, and the family is very nice and harmonious.

On the way back, John asked his son if he liked rabbits. Mike said he liked puppies 🐶.

So John went along with Mike's choice.

After that, John's health got worse, and he told the first death lesson by using the beetle that Mike found that didn't move.

He also retaliates against his employer who taunts him, a pattern of behavior that foreshadows his childhood.

The third is a diverse family, with a black mother and a white father, who have several children of their own and several adopted children. They stress that all children are treated equally.

But one of the adopted children was very ill-bred, and the youngest, about five years old, was hostile to Mike.

So even though the family had a dog and the condition was middle-class, John refused.

Up until the age of four, John was raised by his father, who drove a truck, and lived behind the cab of the truck. After that, he bounced from foster home to foster home.

His environment created a pattern of behavior in which he refused to concede defeat and showed weakness.

John was thirty-four years old, and after thirty-four candles had been filled, Mark handed him a new candle.

John felt mike's attachment deeply.

The fourth family is a single woman with a nose ring who is pregnant at the age of 16 and gives birth to a child who is sent away immediately after birth. She once got married and insisted on adopting a single woman who wants to give her child all her love because she cannot have children.

She asked about Mike's childhood and wanted to be a part of it. She gave Mike a bag of candy and taught him how to load candy on his truck.

But her cleaning habits were different from John's, and this was not a married household, and the financial circumstances of this single woman with a nose ring did not look very good.

John didn't choose her.

The last one is a wealthy couple, the wife is very powerful and controlling, and the husband seems weak but also very selfish.

They are able to have children, but they do not want to have children to affect their lives, but they hope that adoption will be a new journey in their life.

They gave Mike a new toy and asked for it back before they left.

The husband and Mike have similar interests. He likes trains, but he refuses to communicate with Mike because his toys are so exquisite.

John said he wouldn't give up even a bad rabbit to this family.

But he didn't have time to pick any more. He was constantly vomiting and losing his balance. He was so worried about affecting the baby that he wouldn't let Mike touch the spoon he used.

He finally told Mike the meaning of adoption and death.

He bathed his son one last time, took him to an amusement park, and painted with him.

Mike was decorating the truck with his favorite color, red, and John said, what do you put in the truck?

Hard candy, the son replied.

John knew that Mike remembered the woman who had given him the hard candy.

Later, John sold his means of livelihood.

He took Mike, and Mike led him across the zebra crossing and into the bus.

Mike presses the stoplight signal. Mike rings the bell of the single woman with the nose ring, and there will be his new home.

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I thought my life was a tragedy. But now I realize it was a comedy

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