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The Tale of the Nasty Lady

by Ferrari King about a year ago in fact or fiction

Rude Lady gets hers

Anita Hagtert Muzik was born in Haiti were she was known as a cruel girl. At age 15 she managed to reach the shores of the United States and was granted asylum. She grew to be a short five feet three inches and generally wore her hair in a ponytail. She had a habit of twisting her hair when she was angry or nervous. Although she was short she was obese and developed a toady appearance. Just try to image someone with a body of a toad, no neck and fat face. She had deep blue eyes, black skin and medium length black hair. While in school she would accuse boys of staring at her or being interested in her. One boy in particular Michael Bumblehurst was her favorite target. While he had to sit next to her, she would sniff him and complain he stunk and laughed at how he dressed. Michael was always nice to everyone and generally ignored Anita, who he would call The Sea Bitch. Michael would look out the window in his English class and did not realize that Anita was sitting next to it. Anita would then complain of Michael starring at her and bothering her. The female teacher, name Ms. Huit, fell for Anita’s tricks and told Michael to leave her alone. Ms. Huit was a short lady, and had pig-like features and a scowl that would make you think of a pig when she got angry. She tended to side with the females as one might expect from a sexist. “You should not be messing with that poor girl Muzik, she is bigger than you,” she said to Mike while he tried to retrain himself from laughing at her. Mike always thought of Muzik as looking a lot like a toad. Michael eventually became a wealthy doctor while Anita’s life went nowhere. Ms. Huit died lonely and bitter. Of course our story is not about Michael or Ms. Huit but Anita.

Anita, at the age of 22 married a man by the name of Steven Picklecock Milner and she conceived a daughter, which she named Lisa Milner. Steven was six feet tall, had a square forehead, weak chin, yellowish hair, white skin and weak shoulder and skinny arms and chest and light green eyes. Steven was much less intelligent than Anita and more into criminal behavior. Steven mainly engaged in drug dealing and shoplifting while Anita was mainly into prostitution.

Their daughter, Lisa, grew to be almost as bad as Anita. She grew accustomed to constant profanity, yelling and the like. Anita was a very irascible, obstinate person and known for her violent outburst. Steven was a little calmer. Lisa eventually learned to deal with her mothers’ outburst and eventually thought such behavior normal. Lisa would always accompany her mother wherever they went but rarely stayed around her father. She grew up being teased by the African-American kids for being half white so she wanted to hide her white heritage as much as possible.

On Saturday, June 10, 2010, Anita and her daughter who at this time was 16 years old went to a grocery store known for selling cheap groceries. After Anita got in line and placed her items on the conveyor belt a man got in line after her and grabbed a divider. Since he had to reach above Anita’s groceries she gave him an evil stare and a look as if she had just sucked on a lemon, and then went to the cashier for check out while playing with her hair.

“How much these bags be?”

“They are ten cents, how many do you want?”

“None” Anita yelled angrily and then threw the plastic bag on the mans’ groceries. The man that was behind Anita was roughly five feet eight with brown eyes and hair, and wearing jean shorts and a black shirt. The man then grabbed the bag and was going to place it back up but it fell out of his hand and onto the floor. The man was going to grab another bag just in case she changed her mind.

“What the hell are you doing touching my stuff white boy?” The man tried to explain calmly but Anita kept interrupting with profanities, which was her nature, and her daughter stood proud of her. The man tried to calm her down but was greet with, “Do not ever touch my stuff and don’t mess with me.”

“You need to calm down before someone calls the cops.”

“Call the cops, I don’t care, you think it is that easy.” Anita then got quiet for a minute then went off again until finally her stuff was rung up and she left.

As the man placed his items into his car and started to take his cart back when Anita pulled up in her white rusty Van and yelled, “If I had my gun I would shoot you.” The man took out his camera phone and attempted to take a picture of her license plate when she backed up suddenly almost hitting him. He then went up and snapped her picture in which she replied, “You think it is that easy, my husband is a cop,” and yelled more profanities. The man just laughed and walked away.

This then began Anita’s downfall as well as the downfall of her family. Anita worked at department store a week after the grocery store incident when she asked a new guy to run the registers although he was a housekeeper and simply cleaned the store and unloaded trucks. The guy was roughly 20, in college and worked only on weekends.

The following week Anita is sitting at the time clock and he guy comes by, and Anita yells, “So you can just tell your little friends that I am a Bitch on Tuesday?”

The guy responded with shock, “I do not talk to anyone here and I do not work on Tuesdays”

“One of your little friends told me what you said.”


“Don’t worry do not talk” at this point the guy got very angry with Anita and interrupted her, “listen you little pathetic creature, you do not get into my face and start throwing accusations at me and there are three people here named Kevin and none of them like you, no one likes you.” Kevin took a deep breath and continued, “You are a bitter little troll and eventually all the stuff you have done to others will come back to you, and for your information I do not use profanities like you so I could not have called you that B-word.” Anita was not use to being talked to in such a manner so she simply left. Since the intercom was next to the time clock the manager heard the entire conversation. Anita was called up to the manager’s office and could not give them the name of the person that told her the lie so she was terminated due to all the complaints against her. Even Kelvin complained.

A week after her termination Steven was engaging in a drug deal. Steven was not good at anything and at selling drugs he was not any better. Steven did not realize on that particular night he was being set up by the buyers. They had planned on robbing him of his money and his drugs. After he sold them the drugs they came back in the van and shot him multiple times killing him. They then relived him of his drugs and money. Anita was hysterical once she heard about Steven. That night she dreamt about the grocery store incident but this time the man drove up to her and pulled out a sawed off shot gun and shot her in the chest at which point she woke up screaming. At that point she remembered Kevin’s words, “What goes around, comes around.”

A few months went by and Lisa was playing in the street as she always did with the other kids. When a car came by the other kids would move a little but Lisa would just stay were she was and the driver had to go around her. This particular day she was playing at night with her friends in the middle of the road when they heard a car coming down the street. The other kids moved out of the way but not Lisa since she was willing to bet her life the driver would stop or go around. The driver of the truck kept going and Lisa flew across his windshield as he was speeding down the road. The driver did not stop and it took the police hours to find the guy. He was high on drugs and alcohol. Lisa died at the hospital and Anita was devastated. Anita wanted to sue the guy but he was dirt poor and had no family or insurance. He ended up serving the rest of his life in prison since he was also wanted on murder charges as well.

Anita lost her house and everything she had and was forced to live on the streets. Her attitude prevented her from getting a job or bettering herself. She lived on the streets for nearly 12 years before she was humbled and learned to control herself. Anita became a dishwasher at a restaurant and lived alone. It took a lot for Anita to learn to treat people with respect and in the end she did improve but never enough to be tolerated by many people. She will always be abrasive and she eventually died alone and forgotten.

fact or fiction

Ferrari King

I am Ferrari King and I enjoy writing short stories and playing games. My other hobbies are working out, MMA and reading. I plan to post things here periodically and check out my website:

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