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The Story of an Upcoming C/O 2023.

by Ronni Harper 2 months ago in literature
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This story is about a brief presentation of my childhood, life, broken friendships and amazing memories that I have made through my highschool years before I become an official senior that I never knew I'd come this far. Thank you for reading my story. - Ronni H. 17

The Story of an Upcoming C/O 2023.
Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

Before I become a Senior, I just want to recap my life in one story. Everyday I realize how close I am to becoming an adult. Paying my own bills, working to be financely stable, worried about if I'm going to be still playing basketball. I always wonder, what my future beholds me everyday. It makes me upset about how much I miss my childhood, how I wish I could go back in time to really cherish those memories more. Now I come to reality, that sometimes its best to start into adulthood.

It all started from when I was in middle school at Mandarin Middle. Oh how much I wanted to be in High School so bad was crazy. I always wondered what it was like to be 16-18. I always wondered how I would look & act when I become a highschooler. I always wondered; Was it different from elementary and middle school? Will I still have my friend group with me? What if people wouldn't like the way I am? That's all I could think of back then. When I became a freshman, I was scared. I didn't wanna grow up. I hated accepting the fact that soon I'll be graduating in a couple more years. My dad made sure to tell me every year, how many more years I had left of becoming a college student. I hated being reminded. Everyday I cherish every memory, every person that comes and leaves my life and how they impacted my life this way. The older I got, the more I understood what people meant when they say "Not everyone will stick around". They were right. I've made so many friendships from back to back. I had to leave so many people behind because of how much I would move from city to state to city. It hurt leaving people who I loved so much. But now I know, I'll always meet someone else that reminds me of them, which still happens. Every new person I meet, it always reminds of someone from my past life. it makes me happy that my old friend would always be in a different dimension of someone else's body.

My life changed when I moved from the place I still call home, the place I was raised the most, Jacksonville, FL. I came to Jacksonville back when I was becoming a kindergartener. I went to at least 4 different elementary schools, which had me ended up knowing different kids from different schools. I had so many embarrassing moments when I was in Jax. When I was in about 1st grade, I was eating a hotdog while talking with my mouth open. Suddenly, i ended up having a whole hotdog lodged in my throat. It was so embarrassing, but so funny to me till this day. I remember when I went to a new elementary school in the middle of 5th grade, at my new school everyone in the school called me "The new girl". Everywhere I went, that was my name. It didn't bother me at all. The teacher i admire the most was, Mrs. Ramirez. She was my English teacher in 5th grade. She taught me so much, she was so understanding, funny, kind and sweet. My other favorite teacher was Mr. Ellison. My favorite thing about him, was he made homemade beef jerky, it was so different from branded beef jerky. I'll never eat any beef jerky that's sold in store, only his. In middle school, I was very bad, but that was only in 7th grade. I had bad anger issues back then. I was easily tempered and vocal about it. I had at least 6 referrals and 5 In-school suspensions. My worst one was choking out a student, like forreal choking. The crazy thing is, the student was my best buddy in my friend group. But no harm done though. I also had one for throwing a backpack at a student across the room, aswell being the same student I choked too. Then I moved from Jacksonville to Sanford, FL; 2 hours away from everyone I loved. My life changed, I got recruited to play Basketball at Greenwood Middle. That's when my love for the game started. All because of Coach Smith. When I started playing, i started playing for my enjoyment. Before I started getting serious about it. I never wanted to dribble or shoot, jus got rebounds and passed the ball. During 8th grade summer, I came out to my mom that I was bisexual. I saw it coming because, I always thought that girls were like cute, I thought that they were just pretty but I started liking a girl during the summer league before my freshman year. Then, I dated my middle school friend since she had a big crush on me in 8th grade. Had my first for real heartbreak and every since then I knew what a relationship really was. When I became a freshman, I met so many amazing people from different middle schools who I'm still friends with now. I used to have a nice little friend group, until they started vaping and I felt to uncomfortable being around them. They never forced me into vaping, they were nice enough to let me know when they are about to do it so I have time to walk away. Now the group has split. I have found new people to hang with, they aren't bad influences. I don't really have a group of friends, I just go from person to person talking to different people in the hallways because now I have a name at my highschool. I didn't have a sophomore year because of COVID. It was sad that I didn't get a sophomore homecoming. But I made it up with a Junior one. My junior year has been amazing, the prep rallies we have, the chasing people in the hallways, running from security, class memories and my two favorites; Dressing in a blown up baby costume & dressing up as Rosa Parks. So many different memories, I will miss so much when i graduate. Now that school will be ending next Wednesday, it will bring tears. Because now, I will official be, C/O 2023, a student-athlete senior. Serving almost 4 years fully at Lake Mary High, home of the Rams. No matter how much I say I hate this school, but I swear the memories I've made out of it is so great to me. I've made the best out of my Junior year. I can say that this year will be my year. Class of 2023, here I come.


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