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The Sound of the Wind

by MerleVillalobos 4 months ago in literature
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Standing on the sprawling green plain, a long wind suddenly rose,

The Sound of the Wind
Photo by Peter Hammer on Unsplash

Standing on the sprawling green plain, a long wind suddenly rose, the whirring wind wrapped in the sound of the grass gushing up like a mountain, cutting off my connection with the outside world, and I was the only one existing under the pale sky.

This is one of the most passionate encounters with the sound of the wind in my memory, just this once, just this once, it is enough for me to remember for years, because the feeling is too wonderful, too forgettable.

What is it like to be swallowed by the wind? It's lonely and cold. The sound of the wind fills your ears, and the wind makes you open your eyes, and the word "closed eyes and ears" is the most appropriate description of this scene. The sound of the wind is like a wave, along with many displaced and withered and cold past events coming together in the heart, the roar in the ears has become a choking sound in the throat.

I am not afraid of being alone. Perhaps I have never experienced the night rain in a foreign country, the bleakness and coldness of the wind have not yet reached my brain and have been replaced by another strong emotion - the love and obsession with the sound of the wind.

The sound of the wind is an echo of the life of everything. What sound can the wind have? The whirring and whimpering, the timbre is extremely single, leaving only the changing tones to evoke attention. But the wind is clever, it knows how to use everything around it to make a sound. The sound of the wind ringing under the eaves, the whine of the valley, the sound of the waves cascading, one layer staggering the other, the sound of the flowing beads on the curtains colliding with each other. In the overwhelming sound of the wind, the child's childish phrase "it's windy" can evoke a smile on the adult's face, and the sound of the garrison soldier's flute must be mixed with the wind to make the plum blossoms in his hometown fall easily. It is said that the wind has passed without a trace, but it has left a mark in people's hearts because it has the sound of nature and the cry of the soul.

The sound of the wind gives all things this clarity. "Leaning to listen to the wind," perhaps that wind can hold away the murmur of your heart and sort out your complicated thoughts. You resort to your mind to the wind, no doubt it will give you comfort, it will respond to you, only it can not give you an answer. After the sound of the wind, not only is your brain clear, but you will find that all the dust has settled and the world is clear.

The sound of the wind always makes me feel somehow at peace. Even if it wanders around the creaking door, even if it stirs up a whirring sound of camphor leaves at the door, even vaguely overshadowing the sound of the TV inside the house. The wind outside the house cries how mournful, it seems that the family sitting around the "mud melting small fireplace" inside the house is how precious. The strong wind that fills every corner of the house, which is unstable to stand on, is easily dispelled by the sound of family laughter.

The sound of the wind is so beautiful that there is never a shortage of people waiting for the wind. They always stand silently on a clear night, standing still and looking through the autumn water, but they can't wait for that familiar voice to ring in their ears. I mourn for them. Why not go running and take the initiative to create the opportunity to meet with the sound of the wind?


Spread out your stride and sprint forward as hard as you can under the starry night.

The wind rushes towards you, it tries to contain your breath, you have to open your mouth and gasp, but the pace of your feet does not stop - the intermittent sound of the wind in your ears is accompanying you, urging you, and you gradually can not remember who the sound of the wind is like the murmur. When the fishy sweet taste between your throat, you and the wind gradually stopped, looking back at no one, this is the tranquility that belongs to you alone. This is also the agreement between you and the wind.

The sound of the wind suddenly rises, giving the world a different kind of tenderness.


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