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The Relation Equation

by Sara Kanbar 7 months ago in fact or fiction

What makes a successful connection?

Relations are made of complex equations that most people cannot understand. I recently applied our understanding of mathematics to our relations or connections to others. I got three results based on the mathematical sign that we use in solving problems. As you know, the three common signs that we usually use even in our everyday lives are positive ‘+’ negative ‘-’ and multiplication ‘x’

To begin with, in every relationship, there is either a positive person or a negative. I will be using the positive sign for the positive person and the opposite of the negative sign. The equation will be the relationship examined between two persons, and the answer will be the result of their relation.

First, positives follow the positive whatever the situation is. When we multiply a positive with another positive, we will get a positive as you can see ‘+ x + = +’ to make it clear if one person is behaving, treating, or thinking positively and the second person is doing the same, they will have a successful relationship no matter what type of relationship their relation would be which means there will not be any misunderstanding or arguments between one another because they will understand each other. This is called a compatible relationship in which agreements come from both sides because both respect and value one another opinions and thoughts.

Second, as far as we know, negatives always surpass positives no matter how strong the positive is. When we multiply a positive with a negative as ‘+ x -’ what do we get? Yes, it is negative. This means if one side is behaving or thinking negatively, the relation will be unsuccessful, and there will always be issues and conflicts no matter how positive the other side is because one side is creating stress due to its belief that their thoughts surpass the others, which makes them not accept others ideas. This is called an incompatible relationship since one side conflicts with the other side creating disagreements because both sides do not have a mutual goal, the relation will not go right. Therefore, it is better to act towards this person in a way that would make them realize their wrong to make the relation go right as seen in the equation of ‘- x - = +’

Moreover, by saying behaving negatively, I do not mean hurting, teasing, or arousing the other person. However, ignoring one's negative behaviors to you or others by staying quiet and not responding to their arguments like acting formally towards them full of respect would be the best way to deal with this type of person. Besides, do not act too friendly by being a very open person to them sharing what you think, and correcting their negatives because this would arouse them to get angry and insist on their wrongdoing, which may hurt you later and put a negative influence on you. Lastly, these actions are not considered negative but sane in general, which means you are not behaving negatively but trying to get along with this type of person. However, they will be viewed as negative to the one who is behaving so, which will make them later realize what is making others not share opinions or discuss things with them.

In short, compatible sides lead to a successful connection between one another depending on the agreements and respect from both sides while conflicts created by disagreements or greed will lead to a sensitive relation full of stress. Thus, considering one’s sensitive behaviors to deal with them properly would be beneficial for making the relation positive.

fact or fiction
Sara Kanbar
Sara Kanbar
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Sara Kanbar

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