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The Online Game Legend Made Chen Tianqiao

Online Game Legend

By Winfred ParkerPublished 7 months ago 6 min read

As is known to all, network game legend made Chen tianqiao, his success, the most important. The man's eyes, but even if Chen hadn't crush on the game, he must also can find other entrepreneurial ideas - key lies not in what is that thing in his watch, what's more, he has a kind of others without penetrating eyes.

Compared with the traditional industry of success, Chen Tianqiao's success is really too fast, fast to let you have not fully understand: students, he is faster than others, with good grades and activity organization ability when Shanghai student cadre model.

After graduation, I worked and became the general manager assistant of Lujiazui Group at the age of 24, which set the promotion record at that time and envied thousands of people inside the group. At 26, his social gaming website attracted 1 million registered users in 11 months and received $3 million in investment from China Online. At the age of 30, Shanda Internet was listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, and he had a fortune of 8.8 billion yuan with a 65 percent stake in the company.

"Thirtysomething" Chen Tianqiao completed these only five years, and climbed to the top of the 2004 Hurun IT Rich list.

Without vision, Chen Tianqiao, a college graduate, would not have chosen state-owned enterprises.

In 1997, as a top student in the economics department of Fudan University, he did not join other good students in the envied foreign companies. Although no one knows what he really thought at that time, his subsequent promotion in Lujiazui Group shows a fact: where talents are concentrated, there will be more waste of talents. With the same effort and talent, you will have more opportunities in a state-owned enterprise that is eager for talents than in a foreign enterprise where talents are crowded.

Chen Tianqiao has a kind of age does not conform to the mature and stable, in addition to the nature of the young mature, presumably in large state-owned enterprises hold important positions in the experience, but also taught him a lot of people do things in the proper measure.

If there is no vision, Chen Tianqiao will not bet online games.

In 1999, after jumping ship from state-owned enterprises, Chen Tianqiao joined a securities company. During this time, he was exposed to the Internet and decided to connect his love of gaming with the Internet to create a community gaming website.

The hot degree of the website user registration exceeded all onlookers estimate, but Chen Tianqiao in joy, and not overjoyed. For him, the success of the website was natural, because his grasp was so great that he later told reporters that at the beginning of the business, he decided that he could never fail, because he knew the game, knew the players, and knew the investment market. He succeeded in obtaining 3 million yuan of China Net.

After the dollar investment, Chen knew that this kind of success could not be repeated: at this point, the IT bubble burst and most Internet sites were no more.

He decided to change the way the company's profit, no longer through a single web site to make money, no longer rely on simple casual games to make money, but through Internet cafes all over the country, and the agent and promote popular in Japan and South Korea "multiplayer role playing game" make money - he got the south Korean actoz company "legend" agency, and the combination of China telecom and tens of thousands of Internet cafes to sell players. As a result, this "legend" started Chen Tianqiao's own wealth legend.

If there is no vision, Chen Tianqiao will not find a good partner.

There is a saying in Western society that the first thing to know about a man is the woman in his arms. It is a simple truth. It is true that a man can show his knowledge, grace, status in various ways, but what kind of woman he chooses cuts through all pretence.

Imagine going back to 1999 and deciding to quit your job at a well-paid securities firm and throw everything you have into a little-known and despised online game. Would your wife hit it off and join you? Now LOOK, MARRY CHICKEN WITH chicken OF SHE ACTUALLY MARRIED A PHOENIX, BUT, WANT TO GO UP NINE DAYS PULL MONTH OF THE BOY MUCH WENT, BUT HAVE A FEW REALLY CAN SOAR TO THE SKY? Say from this point, good eye of Chen Tianqiao, also find an eye accurate wife.

As it turned out, Chen benefited from Luo in numerous ways thereafter. For example, their first bucket of venture capital, Rmb500,000, came from the stock market, and his wife, who works in a securities company, was obviously instrumental. For another example, when Shanda received investment of US $40 million from SoftBank, Luo Qianqian, chief financial officer with solid professional knowledge and thoughtful thinking, was the key figure in the success of SME financing. This SME financing also laid the foundation for the development of Shanda in adversity. His wife, Luo Xianqian, is Chen's spiritual support -- telling her husband, who has reached the top of his career, "Other people may only climb one mountain in their life, but you may have to climb three or four mountains". This sentence is like a point, Chen Tianqiao from this to feel the value of struggle and fun. No wonder, in the annual meeting of the grand company, Chen Tianqiao's first cup of wine all respect to his wife.

On November 30, 2004, Shanda announced that it had bought 28.96% of South Korea's ACTOz for $91.7 million, making it the company's largest shareholder. There is nothing more uplifting than to take your enemy into your own pocket. He wants his enemies, who have made trouble for him, to make more profits for him.

Shanda and Actoz have had a long history of legal battles over agency fees and intellectual property for years.

According to AcTOz, Shanda's fortunes depend entirely on its own Legendary game, but Shanda is not thinking about the source of water, in the division of the problem has not given a reasonable proportion. Shanda believes that without its marketing tactics, Legend, a second-tier game, would never have earned tens of millions of dollars in revenue in China.

Such a beautiful drawdown, let everyone on Chen Tianqiao's wrist gasp. The young man, dressed in a suit and tie, with a serious face and a media shy face, was a complete departure from the familiar IT talents of the past: he worked in the games industry, but he had no game attitude. See Chen Tianqiao work, you will realize what is called "the edge of the two poles".

Mr. Chen said Shanda's goal is to create a Disney-style interactive entertainment empire. He dreams of shanda, eventually, like the Walt Disney company, from a simple game content providers and operators, become a cross-media and comprehensive entertainment industrial empire, with such big ambitions, Disney empire Chen to consider problem right now is very clear: compared with Disney, shanda is less? What can be used? What needs to be created?


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