The Night Bird (Ch. 2)

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Chapter 2

The Night Bird (Ch. 2)

Chapter Two

Today felt like any other day. Get up, go to work, go to class, drive home. Routine, that’s all it was. But she felt like something was missing. Harvey hadn’t called all week. That was odd, but Robin wasn’t surprised. What should she expect? He was always busy. A meeting here, a meeting there. Fly to that city, meet this client there. His life seemed like such a blur at times.

Her phone rang while she sat in her car waiting to clock in. Exhaustion plagued her body. “Incoming call from: Unknown.”

'I wonder who that could be,' she thought as she moved the phone up to her ear.


“Hi! Can I speak to Robin Wood please?”

“Speaking!” she said, with a half smile on her face.

“I’m calling from Four Aces to let you know that the CFO would like to offer you the position of secretary. Were you still interested?”

“Yes. Yes I am! Thank you so much for calling. This has to be the best news I’ve gotten all week!” she exclaimed, as she giggled.

She felt reinvigorated. Robin had finally landed a full time job where she didn’t have to worry about always having her plans ruined by schedule conflicts of her hectic life.

The conversation was quick. Next Monday, 8AM sharp. Exciting? Yes. Her dream job? Not so much. This would be the first time she would feel stable. Six months probation. That’s all she had to get through and then she could finally breathe again. She would finally have time to spend with Harvey. She would finally get a chance to feel loved again like she did all those years ago.

Harvey was a peculiar one. He was so loving and so caring towards her. But ever since they graduated high school, Robin couldn’t help but feel that they were drifting apart. She tried everything she could to keep the relationship together. Robin wanted it to work. She loved him, but she felt alone. Her dreams and ambitions didn’t always line up with his, but nonetheless, she wanted him. They had already been through so much together.

The death of her grandfather was a major blow to her since he was the rock of their family. After all, Robin’s parents never really cared about her. She had lived with her grandparents since she was four years old and to her, they were her everything. They had been through so much together as a family and Harvey was there for most of it. Yet, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed him more than he needed her. Robin couldn’t picture her life without him. Just the very thought of it made her sick to her stomach, but Robin always wondered. Her mind always played these games with her. Did he really want this life they had built together? Did he actually want to be with her? Or was this just a comfortable feeling?

Each day that passed, Robin doubted their relationship more and more. The world felt like it was closing in on her most days from the stress she would put on herself. Everything in her life was so routine. Auto-pilot had finally set in. Robin felt like her life was one big lie. She wasn’t happy, and her eyes always showed it.

Yet, today was a little different. Today she finally got the phone call she had been waiting for to break the monotony. Today, there was a glimmer of hope. After all, if she was more stable professionally, she could feel more stable in her love life. This just might be the break that Robin was looking for. This just might be the thing that gave her a shot at bringing her and Harvey closer again. This was the thing that would make her stop doubting their relationship.

Robin sat alone in her car and thought about the phone call she had just gotten. She closed her eyes and pictured herself sitting at the beach. She could hear the waves crashing and the seagulls singing. The breeze was perfection. The sunset was gorgeous in every aspect, and she felt at peace. She looked off down the long stretch of sand and saw a man standing alone, both hands in his pockets, enjoying the sunset. Robin got up, shook off the sand, and walked towards him. “Is that Harvey?” she questioned. She reached out her hand to touch his shoulder to get a better look, but right as his face was turning in view, a knock came on her car window.

“Are you planning on working today? Or are you going to spend your whole shift napping outside!?” her boss exclaimed in frustration.

“Crap!” Robin exhaled, as she quickly grabbed her bag.

“I’m SO glad I can finally quit this freakin' job” she said to herself, as the door to the pizza parlor closed behind her.

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