The New Girl

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Our main character meets someone who could flip her whole world upside down.

The New Girl

I haven't really written anything for fun, like, ever. I have so many fantastical ideas and scenarios I would think would be interesting to play out. I found Vocal and immediately thought it could help me write stories out and maybe ease me into creative writing outside school required writing. So here's a tad bit of an idea I came up with. It's about a girl named Evelyn who meets someone who could possibly save or ruin her depending on how she plays her cards. I hope y'all enjoy!


"Hail, great knight!" I turn to my friend Jackson and give him a friendly wave. Jackson is big into the old-timey Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur stuff. He's also one of my closest friends (and enemy at times). He caught up to me in the hall as I slowed my pace down for him and waited for him to reach my side. I smirked at the greeting but tried to hide it. He was a real dork, but if things ever got bad I knew he would have my back. Luckily for me, he failed to notice my very not-hidden smirk and continued looking straight ahead only sending sparing glances at me periodically. After a while, I turn to him.

"What? why do you keep looking at me?" He was my friend but as many times as he was looking at me I felt something was up. He slid his eyes back to mine and shuffled around a bit.

"Didn't you hear? we are getting a new student." I freeze for a moment, thinking. We never get new students in our class. The last time we did was about four years ago, and that did not end well. Our class was a special class. Full of superpowered freaks who were above the average human. We still blended in with the humans well enough and learned what they did, however, our class was kept more or less separated as to prevent rifts that could give us away.

"I guess I must not have been listening when that was said," I mumbled under my breath. My curiosity started to burn. I wondered if the same incident had happened or if we had an ACTUAL new student in our class. I looked down at my phone and noticed the bell was about to ring.

"Well," I thought to myself, "let's see if we can figure out what's going on."

I sat down at my seat and wiggled around, waiting for the final bell. Jackson gave me a look from across the room as he noticed my impatience. I looked around and noticed unrest among many of the other students in the class. All of a sudden the bell rang its piercing ring and the teacher walks in. he cleared his throat out and his voice boomed out over the class.

"STUDENTS! Yesterday, I said we had a new student joining us today. Well," he paused, "I was wrong."

The class let out a loud groan as the teacher smirked and laughed a bit.

"I am just messing with you all. She will be here after our lesson to introduce herself to us all. And do not worry, this is not a simple mistake like last time!" Mentally I gasp.

"Her? He said her so it's a woman oh I'm so excited."

I looked over at Jackson to see he is just staring blankly ahead, probably lost in his knightly realm again. As the lesson progresses (quadratic math stuff today) I can't help but wonder about the new arrival. What will she look like? What does she like to do? Can I be her friend? All these questions tumbled through my head as I heard the teacher wrap up his discussion and I jerked my head around at the sound of the door handle turning. The door opened and I saw her. Dark raven black hair. Skin pale like ice reflecting the sunrise. Stunning ocean blue eyes, downcast with shyness. And a mouth nearly hidden behind the collar of her jacket. She was about average height, maybe about my height (about 5'6) and her hands poked out of her sleeves with a unique mixture of black and red nails. I was absolutely stunned and I could tell everyone else in the class felt the same way. She was an absolute gem and by her stature I was immediately curious about what made her different. When she spoke her voice was timid and quiet. One could tell she was absolutely nervous.

"Hi, I'm Evelyn, I'm new here." she quietly said.

The teacher pointed to an empty seat near me and she quickly scurried over and sat down, her face red with embarrassment. I found myself quite enthralled with her already. Her timid personality made me curious. Something inside me stirred and I felt a need to protect this strange new girl. Something inside me burned.

Oracle :)
Oracle :)
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