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The Magic is Real

by Greylee Tynewise 3 days ago in literature

From One Land to Real Land

Written and Illustrated by Greylee Tynewise

Before I was even old enough to know my ABC’s, my heart was filled with all the stories that my mother would read to me. I learned at a very young age that through reading I could escape my reality in this world and enter the imagination of a story writer to go on many adventures. In real life I am a very stationary individual that doesn’t go on a lot of adventures, through reading fantasy literary works I have been to countless places, made an endless number of friends, and have been on my fair share of adventurous journeys.

So, what is it that could make one fantasy literary work stand out from all of them? What is it that would make the piece be considered the best? As an avid reader of fantasy literary works, for me, it is when I forget that I am reading a story and I leave my reality and enter that of the authors imagination. It is the most amazing feeling. The best fantasy literary work must be a piece that the fantasy world grabs the reader, clenching them in its grip, and drills right into the very soul of the reader, bringing a hope that the possibility of the fantasy could exist.

Deciding on my pick for the best fantasy literary work, I wanted to be very specific. The story I chose falls into the fantasy subcategory of fairytale. In my opinion the best story ever told is of a land that faces remarkable contrasts of good verses evil, in which the possibilities seem endless. There is a boundless forbidden love in the story which forces of magic are brought forth to defeat the forces of evil separating the undeniable love between two that have fallen in the pit of forbidden love. The fantasy land in this story will prove that when it comes to true love combined with the endless possibilities of magic, there isn’t an evil that stands a chance: the magic of love always wins in the end. This fantasy fairytale becomes engrained so far into the depths of its readers that many have became so enthralled in the tale to create their very own rendition of the story.

The story is magical in more than one sense. When reading this tale of fantasy readers become engrossed in the story of the forbidden love and the depths of willingness magic will go to defeat the evil forces attempting to keep the love of the two deemed to be unacceptable to love one another, apart. This fantasy is so realistic, when one is engrossed in the story, that it becomes embedded as hope in little girls’ hearts all around the world. The fantasy so enchanting that for centuries, people have taken the tale and twisted it to their spin of events, recreating time and time again, becoming a renewed fantasy. Billions of copies of the original story along with the remakes have sold worldwide. There have been countless movies made based on this fantasy fairytale too. It is number one is fantasy fairytales in retelling.

As a young girl, being too little to truly understand the concept of realistic life, my mother would read this particular fantasy fairytale to me. I was always swept away into the life of the land. The characters in the story became my reality while enthralled in the adventure. Things that were impossible became possible and the hope of the endless possibilities of magic clung to me as the magic of the tale grew in my heart. Being free in the magical fantasy land of the imagination of the author, created hope in my real life outside of the land of fantasy that I so often immersed myself in. This fantasy fairytale brought hope of true love. I could clearly see the magic come alive. My perspective in the real world, was molded by the fantasy fairytale that my mother read to me, as did many mothers read this same fairytale to their little girls.

I am a forty-two-year-old woman now and have read this very same fantasy fairytale to my very own children. Over the entirety of my lifetime, I have read many stories in which stemmed from the same fantasy fairytale that my mom read to me. There have been many different versions of the story, and time after time it is being retold, whether in literary works or on film, and I have read and watched them all.

With my heart filled with hope from this magical tale being woven into my very being, I grew up being very optimistic, always seeing the possibility of the magic in real life. I understand there is both evil and good in all people, and forbidden love, does not mean it is not real love, it is just a love that must be fought harder for. I grew up believing love will find a way and there is not a power strong enough to keep it apart.

This very first fantasy fairytale began my love for reading, adventure, and open-mindedness for the possibility of the magic being real. I do not know of one single little girl out there, that at one time or another, if not always, has looked for her prince charming. I know I did. As for little boys, are they not raised up with the fantasy fairytale belief that they are to be the damsel in distresses knight in shining armor?

I have never heard a wild animal speak to me in the English language, befriend me as another person would, or magically become human. (I’ve never seen it, I didn’t say it hasn’t happened.) My mother was mine and she loved me. As much as I wished on shooting stars, and wishing wells, and every time I blew out my birthday candles that I would get my very own fairy god mother to make all of my dreams come true, it still hasn’t come to pass. However, I did snag my prince charming and with that alone it proves to me that the existence of magic in fantasy can become a reality. My curious imagination all began with a simple fantasy fairytale of a commoner girl who was a slave to her wicked stepmother and stepsisters; that falls in love with the forbidden prince. The magical tale where animals become human and rush the commoner to the ball in which her fairy god mother magically dazzled her wand to prepare her for. The magical tale that has engrained hope in the hearts of so many, is the number one fantasy fairytale in retelling, and is voted the best fantasy land ever by yours truly, and the fantasy fairy tale is no other than CINDERELLA.


Greylee Tynewise

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Greylee Tynewise
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