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The Joy of Creating

by Marianna Felfoldi about a year ago in diy
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Getting Inspired

Oh, sewing. That magical escape soothes the mind and energizes the heart by freeing my creative spirit. I sit at my work table, a blank page before me and pencil in hand as the sunlight peeps through the lace curtains I sewed last summer. What shall I create today? Staring into the distance, my mind skips from one idea to the next, as though they're stepping stones in a winding path in the forest.

Then, it lands. Yes, that's it. That's what I'll create today.

I start drawing, feeling the creative juices flow from my mind, through my body, and out through my hand onto the page. It's taking shape beautifully, promising to be a masterpiece. My pencil flows for a long time, first creating the outline, then circling back to fill in some detail. Then, back once more for more detail until finally, I sit back, breathe deeply and take in the completed sketch. Yes, that's it.

Now, to start.

Getting Supplies

I go across the room to a large chest. Lifting the lid, I take in the smell of fresh linens, soaking in the joy of all those gorgeous colors that live there. I run my hands across the fabric, feeling the texture and seeing how this will fit with the design. Taking out the bolts of cloth one by one, I inspect them, laying some on the floor to my right and some to my left. The chosen pile is growing, much like the life inside of me. Beautifully bright reds, yellows, greens, and browns lay before me. Some are plain, while others are checked, striped, or have little faces printed on them. All are wonderfully alive.

Satisfied with my selection, I return the rest of the fabric to the chest, closing the lid with a soft, satisfying thud. Then, carrying the large stack of material to my work table, I think of the finished product. It will be magnificent, I say to myself as I clear the table to make more space for working.

Carefully, lovingly, I lay the first piece of fabric on the table. I study my design, make some measurements. Finally, I feel the satisfying weight of the scissors in my hand. This is a good pair, the one my mother gave me as a birthday gift. Good scissors are hard to find and should be cared for. That's why we buy them at Fiskars.

The First Cut

Now, for the moment of truth.

I lay the blade on the material and close the scissors. I hear the satisfying gggggts as the blades slice through the fabric. Again, and again. In long, even strokes, I carefully cut what I need. The job done, I lay the first piece aside lovingly, taking in the colors once again. I breathe deeply as I feel the stress of daily life fall off my shoulders in this tiny island of creativity.

I clear the table once again and lay out a new piece of fabric. A deep brown this time. Gorgeous. I repeat the process, mindful of the sharp sound the scissors make as they effortlessly slice through the fabric and the way the fabric moves as the scissors glide through it.

The stack of carefully cut pieces grows slowly. Finally, they become two stacks, then three. What a colorful arrangement as they lie there, as though patiently waiting for the next step.

Finally, I clear away the table once more, folding the left-over material neatly and returning it to the chest. I return to my work table, take a deep breath and consult the design sheet again. I lay out the cuttings to fit with the design. It's a precise process, and I don't want to miss any of the detail. Once laid out, I carefully pin them together. Taking a step back, I smile. It's so satisfying watching my creation take shape, exactly as I envisioned it.

Putting it All Together

I take out the sewing machine and place it on the work table. In my head, I hear the advice my mom gave me so many times. "Always place a folded towel underneath the sewing machine. It stops the rattle, holding everything in place." She was right, of course. She usually is. So, I place the old folded towel underneath the sewing machine. Then, I go about threading it. With measured, practised movements, I complete the task. Lastly, I plug everything in and place the pedal in a comfortable position.

Carefully, I pick up the fabric I pinned together so meticulously. Always be gentle when there are pins about. You don't want them in your fingers, ever. Taking a seat in my trusty sewing chair, pillow behind my back for extra comfort, I get started. I sew along the pinned seams, working with skillful fingers to remove the pins along the way. Pins go to the right in a pincushion, and at the end of each seam, I snip it with my trusty old Fiskars. Ah, the sound of satisfaction.

Finally, all the pins are replaced by neatly sewn seams. I snip off all the loose ends and switch off the sewing machine. It's done its job, so it's time to go back into its case. I clear the table once more and lay out my creation. It's absolutely gorgeous, but it's far from complete.

The Long Walk of Embroidery

The day is done, though, so the remainder will get done on balmy evenings as I sit in my comfortable rocking chair on the porch. That's the best time, listening to the birds go to roost in the garden while I breathe in the fragrant summer air. Sometimes, we sit there in silence, just listening to nature and enjoying each other's company. Other times, we have lively conversations. The porch remains the best spot, though. That, and the kitchen. But you can't sew in the kitchen.

Carefully, lovingly, I fold up my creation, placing it aside with my design sheet. Then, finally, it's time for bed.

The next night, after work, I take my folded parcel, along with the design sheets, my scissors, an embroidery needle, and a basket of embroidery floss in a vibrant assortment of colors. Then, I set out to the porch, taking my seat in the rocking chair. It's the most comfortable and comforting seat in the house. The garden is alive with bird songs, and the summer blooms fill the air with a gorgeous scent.

After threading the needle with the first strand of floss, I set to work on the first square, painstakingly working at the design. In and out, in and out, in tiny little stitches, as I watch a flower petal take shape. I hear the satisfying snip and feel the weight of the scissors in my hand as I finish off the first shape. Then, on to the next, with the same painstaking precision. Once done, I hold up the design, looking at the beautifully crafted flower with satisfaction. Yes, this is precisely what I had in mind.

Night after night, I sit on the porch, needle in hand, working at the designs, square by square. It's a painstaking task but so rewarding as I watch it come alive under my hands. Every piece is unique, every stitch precisely and lovingly made. Some are different from what I imagined, while others fit precisely with the picture in my head. Yet, all are perfect in their own right.

Finishing Touches

After weeks of these nightly sessions, I am finally done with the embroidery. I like it, I think with satisfaction, looking at the quilt spread out on my work table. Now, for the finishing touch: the backing. I clear off the table once more and place a large bolt of fabric on the table. This one is softer than the rest and has a deep navy color. It's the perfect complement to the autumn colors on the embroidered side.

Taking out my trusty Fiskars, I carefully cut the fabric to size. Their weight in my hand is satisfying. I hear the sound they make as I cut in long, even strokes. Next, I pin the backing to the rest of the design. Carefully, making sure that all the seams line up and everything is straight. I don't want to make a mistake this far along in the process.

Once done, I clear off the table once more and take the sewing machine from its box. Threading it again, I place the pedal in a comfortable position and take my seat.

Carefully, neatly, I get to work, sewing the backing to the front and creating a border around the side. Pins go to the right into the pincushion, as always. After each seam, I snip off the threads with a satisfying swoop of the scissors, placing the pieces in the bin on the floor. Finally, I sew the last seam and snip the last thread.

Time to clear off the table one last time and pack away the sewing machine. I lay my creation on the work table, taking a step back to properly take everything in. Then, I breathe a sigh of satisfaction. This quilt that took so long to create is perfect. It's the perfect addition to the nursery we're preparing for our firstborn. The process took a while, and the project was ambitious, so my belly is far larger than when I started. Soon, he will join us on the porch, first wrapped up in swaddling cloth. Then, lying down on the quilt, joining the conversation with coos and giggles. Then, not too long from now, sitting, and crawling, and running! Yes, this quilt will go on many adventures with this little human.


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Marianna Felfoldi

An open minded, highly motivated, hardworking, safety conscious, polite and caring person.

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