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The Importance of Networking | Rowan Schaaf

by Rowan Schaaf 2 months ago in list
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Rowan Schaaf on the importance of networking.

Networking is one of the best ways to improve your business and make connections. In today's competitive market, networking is crucial for companies and people who want to get ahead in their careers. It's important because it allows you to make sensible connections with beneficial people without having any financial stake. These connections could help your business immensely, whether getting a new customer or making that big sale.

1. Making New Friends

Networks are a great way to make new friends and have fun simultaneously. Many local businesses have a monthly social hour where you can meet new people who would otherwise never come across one another. For example, several local bars host events like Meet your next neighbor in my area. These events encourage people to mingle with others and build connections for the future.

2. New Business Opportunities

Networking is a great way to find new business opportunities. It can include finding a new client, a potential partner, or a new employee who will help you grow your business. It's not uncommon for people to find one new job opportunity after another on their first day at an interview because they meet up with so many people there. For example, I was hired into two voicemail jobs on my first day of work because I had been out at the coffee shop while waiting to be interviewed.

3. To Find Helpful People

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed a little help? Maybe it was move-in day, and you were having trouble moving all of your things into your new place. Or maybe you were struggling to get a big, heavy object up the stairs that you couldn't move alone. Even if it wasn't for these situations, I'm sure we have all needed a helping hand from time to time. With networking, you can find people willing to help anyone out. They will be willing to help anyone in times of need.

4. To Have Fun

Networking can be a lot of fun. Many networking events are held at bars and other social spots where you can enjoy your time while meeting new people. Whether it's a happy hour or an event sponsored by the local chamber of commerce, these events usually have giveaways and other fun activities to enjoy while meeting new people and making friends.

Networking is a highly beneficial way to build connections with people who will help you in the future. It's important to network because it is a great way to meet new people and make friends while expanding your business.


About Rowan Schaaf

Rowan Schaaf is most well known for being the CEO and co-Founder of the company Pattern-- positions that he's held proudly since 2014. In his company, Rowan is currently in charge of working with a number of incredibly skilled and intelligent industry professionals, who are all dedicated to giving their clients a number of cloud-based business solutions. Rowan's clients range anywhere from corporations and government bodies to not-for-profit organisations, eCommerce businesses, and educational institutions.

Throughout his entire career, Rowan Schaaf has worked toward developing a number of different skills that complement his career, as well as becoming an expert in things he was already knowledgable in. Some of these skills are more technological development based, including digital strategy, web development, online marketing, creative strategy, brand development, web project management, information architecture, CRM, UX, eCommerce, and mobile applications. He's also developed a number of business development skills, such as mobile marketing, strategic planning, creative direction, integrated marketing, product development, marketing communications, leadership, and management.

One of the things that keeps Rowan going is that he is first and foremost a parent. One of his favorite things to do when he's not working is spending time with his beloved family. Not only that, but he also loves to help develop his community. Rowan joined Make-A-Wish New Zealand back in 2011 as a Trustee, even working his way up the organisation in a Chair position. While a member of Make-A-Wish, Rowan was directly involved in some incredible organisational changes. One of the things he helped out with was bringing Bayleys as a cornerstone sponsor. He also helped implement a direct giving programme. While working with the not-for-profit organization, Rowan gained invaluable experience and knowledge when learning how the Board and organisation Executives work together to bring about success for the organisation.

To learn more about Rowan Schaaf, be sure to visit his websites!


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