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The Good King

by Matthew Primous 3 months ago in literature
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Bourgnew's Legendary Tale

The Good King
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

There was a land of many castles, each upon a hill. The grandest castles in that part of the world symbolizing the land's greatness. And the glory of that land was the majestic castle and that majestic castle owned by the King. The King who was married, he was a deep thinker. He remembered the words of his predecessor, who was King that "a King knows what a king to do", "a King is what a king becomes", and "a King is a king when decisions arises easily". And he never thought he had to face a day where that was to be true until his country felt tumult. The land went through a famine, farmers search for relief, the famine drew so severe that the land was losing its once beauty and the people were on the verge of fighting each other. So the King called together his ministers and he asked them what to do. They all gave uncanny answers, most were extreme. He then asked his royal advisors who narrowed it down to two or three plans. The King met with his closer advisors and important members of Parliament, they worked overnight for days and finally they could not narrow less than two plans. The plan was to borrow an extreme amount of necessities from allies being in debt or to rational the national input to consolidate debt and partially pay for farmers necessities. A quick thought came to the king, in his heart of heart he was determined and swift and wise. Like a rush of wind, like a keen lion, like a fast eagle, an idea came to him. He first presented it to his advisors then to parliament stating, "We will do both. We will borrow no more than half to conserve debt while curbing the national debt to pay for it and supporting only good farmers with supplies and supplying our families with goods." His advisors were concerned and members of parliament were in a derision but the King stood firm on his decision. He even entreated them that if they have a better plan to bring it forward suggesting that "time is essence and our people need resolutions. Politics will not defer the will for it is of both, earnestly seek and fervently do and I am certain there is no better plan in all the land." And the Prime Minister and Parliament voted supporting the resolution and his advisors were relieved. At first farmers resisted but their starving children and wives convinced them. The King's people were happy within months and months of relief and as a hopeful Spring, the land had a prosperous rainfall. Parliament found the good farmers predicted to increase harvest more than previous years, in expectation they made preparations for them to hire or purchase the bad farmers' land to restore the nation back to its former glory. And they asked the King to convinced the good farmers and cheer up the bad farmers. The King went to the farmers himself and shook the hands of the good farmers and inquire of them to help their neighbors. He drink with them and ate with them. He wanted them to know that a King is flesh and bones, human and good and kind and gracious and a leader to be respected. He wanted to thank them all personally. And finally he wanted to see for himself and reasoned for the good charter between the good farmers and bad farmers. You see a King can be anything, a king can do anything but a good king is loved by his actions, a good king is respected by others, and a good king knows when to be decisive.


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