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The contention and surrender of Gu Long

The contention and surrender of Gu Long

By Mohandas YorkPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Because the heart is wide, so wide.

He created a world of his own. He is the idol of millions of readers. His name is Gu Long. However, in addition to his astonishing talent, Gu Long has the wisdom of dealing with the world beyond ordinary people and a broad mind.

After many years of hard struggle, Gu Long finally has his own place in the literary world, and the master of martial arts novels, Mr. Jin Yong, is highly praised for him. After the two met, they often traveled together. Later, when Gulong was struggling with some debt, Cha put him in touch with a Japanese publisher. The other side appreciates the talent of Gu Long very much, invite 2 people face to face meet talk.

After the two sides met, the talks did not go as smoothly as expected. Because of cultural differences, they first had differences in the discussion of literary creation, and then Gu long found that the other side always showed a kind of arrogance under the polite appearance, especially for Chinese contemporary literature, which was very little. The scene is a little awkward, Mr. Jin Yong always magnandly smile to ease the tension of the atmosphere, Gu Long's words less and less, gradually silent.

The wine PASSES THREE ROUNDS, the wine OF the other side rises gradually upsurge, constantly urge the waiter to go up sake. Gu LONG AND JIN Yong TWO PEOPLE ALL HAVE SOME BE UNABLE TO OVERCOME WINE POWER, BEGIN TO refuse to RISE. Unexpectedly, the other side suddenly looked contemptuous and said with a pun: "You Chinese novelists are just so!"

Jin Yong hurriedly turn head, the Gu long that tensely looks at blood and gas Fangjust. To his surprise, Gulong did not fly into a rage, but smiled and slowly said: "How can such a small cup enjoy? Come, change the basin!" So saying, he personally brought three washbasins and placed them in front of everyone, then filled them with sake and held them up. "Dry!" Say, HE CARRY BASIN, RAISED HEAD TO DRINK UP, SITTING on one side of Jin Yong JING SAY no words, the Japanese publisher is dumbfounded. Gulong drank half, the other side quickly ran to pull him, mouth kept saying: "Mr. Gu, I admire you! Don't drink any more!"

After the event, Japanese businessmen never showed arrogance again. Jin Yong quietly asked the ancient dragon after wine wake up, really can drink so much wine? Gulong told him with a smile that he could not drink so much wine. But he always felt that he had to be kind to those who were kind to him; We must fight back resolutely against those who despise us, let alone the writer's dignity and national feelings.

Since then, Cha has mentioned the incident in front of his friends more than once, and has repeatedly said that Gu Long's chivalrous spirit will never be forgotten in his life.

As long's fame grew, his novels became more and more popular. In the interest of the drive, many people began to follow his example, trying to use the fame of Gu Long for their own profit, and even some people began to pretend to be Gu Long's name to write novels. One afternoon, a friend in the market found several new novels posing as Mr. Gulong, very angry. He immediately bought a few, angrily came to Gu Long's home.

But what he did not expect is that the always competitive Gulong did not get angry, but read with relish. After reading for a while, he put the book down quietly and said nothing. His friend sitting beside him couldn't resist and asked him why he didn't pursue it. Gurong smiled and told him, "The style of this novel, I know who wrote it when I see it. I am also very disgusted with these plagiarism imitation, pseudonym dirty behavior. But this author, whom I know, came from a very poor family, and he was just trying to make ends meet. If I had reported him, his whole family would have gone hungry and had to be excused, and his reasons were very special; Besides, he writes so well that I can't bear to let him be destroyed in this way." Listening to his words, his friend gasped. Not only that, Gulong pays special attention to the talented writer who impersonates himself and tries to help him. In Gu long's help, a lot of young people gradually budding, and have become friends with Gu Long.

Because of this broad mind, after Gu Long's death, a group of outstanding novelists rapidly grew up in Taiwan. Because OF this, although the dragon has passed away, he has continued to carry on his life in the hearts of many people who have been helped by him, and will continue to pass on this generosity and love.

The struggle of Gulong is not a struggle of foolishness, but a struggle of blood, fighting for their own dignity and national honor. Gulong's let, not cowardice, but love, regardless of small profits, for more talented and ambitious people to provide opportunities, more impressive. Life, such as the goshawk soar, blood and tolerance, is the two wings of the goshawk, do not dispute, not enough to make the world; Don't let, not enough to succeed. The dragon flies in the sky all his life, what about us?


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