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The champion always runs before the applause

The champion always runs before the applause

By Mohandas YorkPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

He was 26 when he went to film school in the United States, which his father strongly opposed. His father told him that there are tens of thousands of people competing for a few roles on Broadway every year, and movies are not the way to go. He went without hesitation, this once shy and retiring man across the sea to America. So what happened?

After graduation, he didn't work for six years. As a man, his only job is to cook at home and take care of the children. For a while, his in-laws watched him doing nothing and gently told their daughter, his wife, that she was going to give her son-in-law some money to open a restaurant. He knew he couldn't afford to put it off any longer, but he didn't want to take other people's money to start his own business. So he decided to take computer science classes at a community college, start from scratch, and try to find a secure job. He was forced to enroll at the community college behind his wife's back. One afternoon, his wife found his computer class schedule. She just tore it off and told him, "You have to stick to your ideals."

Because of this sentence, because of such a sensible and wise wife, he did not go to learn computers.

Six years later, when he burst onto the scene with his first film as a solo director, what people saw in Pushing Hand was not the naive, but the steady and independent views on the collision of Chinese and Western cultures. The man was Ang Lee, a Chinese who won an Oscar for best director.

Human life is limited, but the wonderful life is infinite. Everyone wants to be the next Ang Lee, but there are a few people who can stand the loneliness and wait for six years, or even longer. Six years of loneliness is enough to reduce a person's fighting spirit, even if we have the same talent as Ang Lee, and a few people have the patience of Ang Lee, can wait until the arrival of success. Since ancient times, adhere to the number one enemy is temptation, is unable to bear loneliness. There is a saying: "I can resist everything except temptation." Because we can't stand loneliness and temptation, often make us lose our ambition, deviate from the direction, always can't board the ship of success. If a person wants to succeed, he must go through a difficult process. Anyone who wants easy success in the spring and autumn is in vain. This lonely process is your savings strength, struggling to absorb nutrients before flowering process. If you can't stand loneliness, success will never come to you. In Yu Dan's favorite saying, "The champion always runs before the applause."

Run before the applause, that is, run in the boundless loneliness. That's what being a champion is all about. We see many people lost by fame and wealth, often forget the true meaning of life; And those who can indifferent to fame and wealth, but can be indifferent to the mystery of life, realize a lot of truth. Zhuangzi is such an example. The State of Chu asked him to be an official, but he refused to go. He preferred to keep his heart and "communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth alone" quietly. This is a kind of grand state of life. Keep the loneliness, but also keep their own heart, to their own life with a more open world.

Fabre, a French entomologist, described the whole process of cicada from birth to death in his ten-volume magnum opus Entomologica. The life span of cicadas is only 30 days, and their larvae have to wait for four years in the soil for this very short 30-day flight and song. In the four years of long and painful waiting, the cicada must survive the attacks of various natural disasters and the invasion of natural enemies, and only then can it have the opportunity to become a cicada.

That's the way nature works. If you want to succeed in life, first of all, you need to endure loneliness. Loneliness can promote a person's growth. Loneliness is another realm of success.

There was a joke about a man who wanted to hang a picture and got a hammer and nails. It turned out that the nail would not hold, and a small wedge of wood was needed. Then he looked for wood, and when he found it, he looked for an axe, and then he looked for a saw. By the time he had everything, he had forgotten what he wanted in the first place. Looking at the pile of tools, he had forgotten about the picture.

It seems like a wonderful metaphor for life. The Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran said, "We have come so far that we forget why we started." Many people are eager for brilliance, chasing the bustling bustle, the pursuit of prosperity behind the brilliant, the result is lost in the pursuit of self.

We forget their own persistence, forget their own choice, but remember the busy, remember to walk the world tired on the run. We are like the person who forgot to draw, forget their own original intention. If, LI ANG LEARNED COMPUTER IN THOSE DAYS, DID NOT FIND A JOB, ALSO WANT TO LEARN COOK? If a chef graduates and does not find a suitable job, then go to learn carpentry? Then his life might have been wasted in the end.

Fortunately, Mr. Lee did not. He kept his ideal in the loneliness and difficulty, and also kept a career for his future.


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