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The Boy With Holes For Eyes

Boy With No Eyes

By Patrick BramerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

One night when I was around 10 years old, I was awakened by my bedroom door opening, followed by someone sitting on my bed. I felt the bed sag beneath a person's weight and my leg being scraped. I thought, It's just Mom, and I opened my eyes.

No, that wasn't my mother sitting on my bed. At the foot of my bed, I discovered a youngster of my age who was missing both of his eyes. They were dark black empty holes. I thought maybe I was dreaming so I pinched my skin to see if I would hurt and it did. I knew at that point I was awake and seeing a ghost. The little boy then held out his hand, revealing a little package. I, of course, was surprised, but extended my hand anyway to see if he would put this package in my hand. He retreated as if he was playing a game. I tried to grab this package that he was holding in his hand once again and even said, give it to me, but the little boy would not give it to me. I closed my eyes just for a second, and when I opened them again, he was gone. However, I could still make out where he had sat on my bed. I just sat in bed still trying to figure out if what just happened was a dream or if it was real. I have never seen a ghost before and all the stories that I have read or even seen on TV portrayed them as see-through or a figure that floated in the air. This little boy was not any of these. He looked like me, just a normal person, however, the only difference was that he had dark empty black holes for eyes.

I wonder what could have been in this little package that he held in his hands. Could it have been his eyes? I shuttered to the thought of opening this package and seeing two eyeballs staring back at me. That would have really freaked me out.

Jump ahead five years. My girlfriend came over to my house to work on homework and as she finished up she took a nap as she awaited for her folks to pick her up. I made an effort to get her awake. She then looked up at a place where the wall and ceiling meet as she abruptly opened her eyes. She pointed to a location on the wall and then went back to sleep. I shook her once more to see if I could get her awake because the action she just did was really strange. As soon as she regained consciousness from me waking her up, I told her what she had done. She appeared paralyzed. Up on the wall, I noticed a young child without eyes. He was there, emulating Spider-Man, and he was looking at me. I panicked after seeing that and told her my experience with the same child. I told her that when I was around 10 years old, I saw this same child sitting on the end of my bed and he had a little package in his hand. I thought, at first, he was trying to give it to me, but later thinking about it, I think he was possibly playing a game with me to see if I can take it from him. This of course really freaked out the both of us.

Put another five years in the future. We had a two-year-old child with my child-hood girlfriend. We sat in my former room at my parents' home. I found out that my child started waking up at the same time every night talking. I thought, at that moment, that she was just talking in her sleep. Once, I teased her by asking who she was speaking with. It's a tiny boy, she said. He is lovely. He is lost and trying to find his mother. Nightly conversations with my daughter persisted until we later moved into our own place.

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