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The Black Book Secrets

by G.Gic about a year ago in literature
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Donesiah Rosero

" Sam! Samm! ", whoosh, out come Sam from the bushes wagging his tail, running towards me. " Uh, Sam you got all muddy again and what's that in your mouth?" It was another rainy day in Seattle, Washington. I grab hold of Sam's face, so I can retrieve the black book that he has in his mouth. The rain begins to rain harder, " awwn mom, that's a cute doggie. Can we get one? Please!" I turn around to see a woman with her daughter hurrying to their car. " One day baby, but let's get to the car before we get soak and wet from the rain."

The mom lifts her daughter up and begins to walk a little faster to her car. I love kids but my fiancé doesn't want kids anytime soon, reason why I have Sam, my big beautiful golden retriever, he's my baby. Realizing that I look crazy just standing there watching the daughter and mom leave the park trail, so I do the same and Sam follows right beside me.

I have a Honda accord 2010, it is red and the painting is fading out. I can upgrade, but this car has so many memories for me. I open the door for Sam and he jumps in the back seat and I open my door, get settled in , and then I start the car up. Letting the car get a little warm up, I remember the black notebook. I must not notice what I was doing because the notebook was on the passenger seat.

I grab it and open it. Liam Riley, I guess this guy dropped his notebook and couldn't find it. So I turn to the next pages to see if he left any information to return this notebook. Nope, but I see my name written in the notebook. Jamie Lovebird. I begin to read what he wrote about me.


Jamie Lovebird, is my love of my life. Can't believe we are getting married next year, July 17, 2019. She takes away all my worries when I hear her laugh, I urge for her for so long, ever since we were in high school. Today we went to the palm reader and she told us to play the lotto. Day- 05-21-18/ time 1:39 pm.

I continue reading. So we played the mega million lotto, and picked the numbers 4-12-23-44-53. Hope the palm reader is correct. 05-21-18/ time 5:45 pm.

This is two years ago, who the hell is Liam Riley. I continue to the next page to see a picture of him, me, and I think that is Sam as a puppy. I look so happy in the picture and I can tell that we are not in Washington. It may be California or Miami, Florida. I know we are at a sunny beach.

I hurried and closed the notebook and put the car in reverse. " Honk!" I quickly press the brake. " Watch it, almost hit my car!” There was a man in a blue pickup truck, his beard was full with gray hairs. I wave my hand out of the window to apologize, but he continues to drive.

I tried backing up again but slowly this time, once I was done, I left out of the park. I turn on the a/c , so the window doesn’t fog. I stop at a small dog shop so they can wash Sam off. “ Ding Ding-dong”. I love how peaceful that sound is when you come in here.

“Welcome back Jamie, what can we do for you today?” Uh Christal with her long blonde hair, always smiling . “ Sam got dirty again, he loves running through the bushes when we do our walk on the trail.” She starts laughing, “ Chasing a squirrel again?” I turn around to see a toy I think Sam will enjoy. “ I honestly don’t know what made him run in the bushes this time. I guess it’s a dog being a dog.” She laughed again, “ I agree, look what Sam is doing now.” I see him chasing his own tail. “ What time do you think you will be finished with him?” I stare back at her blue beautiful ocean eyes. “ I should be done with him in an hour, I am just finishing up with a spicy yorkie dog in the back.” I nodded and thanked her and walked back to my car.

Usually I stay to chat with Christal, but I am not feeling it today. That black notebook got me a little scared. Is there someone stalking me? When and why? I got into my car and my stomach started to rumble. I guess I will be eating at Ale Miller House again. Happily it stop raining, it’s just gloomy and the air is misty. I grab my purse and then look at the black notebook. I grab it and lock my door and begin to walk toward MIller’s Ale house. Who is Liam, Liam Riley? His name sounds familiar, but I can’t put my hands on it.

“ Hey, Jamie. Jamie, wait up.” I turned around to see Jake speed walking towards me. “ What are you doing here babe?” It’s very odd to see him out of the office so early. “ There wasn’t that much work to be done with the case. We got what we need.” I smiled, and push his brown hair back and kissed him. This kiss felt different, it was with more passion. I feel his hand grab me and go up and down my back.

“Mmm, I miss you so much. I know I ‘ve been working so much, but I want you to know that I love you and want a family with you.” I stared at him, my heart skipping beats, cheesy, but that’s what I am feeling. “ I love you, too.” We parted away and he took his hand into my hand. “ So where are we going?” I smile, “ Ale House, I am getting their chicken and shrimp salad. It’s so good.” He smiles back and we continue to walk to Ale House. When we got there was the host eyeing me and smiled when she saw Jake. “ Table for two?” We both nodded yes, and she directed us to a table.

“ A waiter should assist you shortly”, she stares at Jake and pushes her boobs out to make it look bigger and slightly slides her hands over his fingers. “ Mhmm, thank you… Kate.” She smiles and slightly looks at me, “ with pleasure”. With that she left our table.

“What’s that all about?! She wanted to jump on you!” I hope he’s not cheating on me again, I forgave him once, I can’t forgive him again. “ Nothing Jamie, she is my ex-girlfriend from high school. Just jealous of seeing you and that I moved on.” I take a deep breath and hope that Jake is telling the truth.

“ Have you taken your medicine this morning?” I could see that he cares for me but it just looks like he is always hiding something from me. “Yes, of course.” I could tell he wanted to say more, but he held back once he saw our waiter come toward our table. “ Hi, I am Beatrice. I will be your server for today. Could I start off with your drinks?” She is very pretty, she had red hair and a sharp face and a body like a goddess. Everything that Jake likes.

“Could I have two tequila shots, and water with lemon for my wife.” I was shocked by what Jake just said. What got into him today. Last time we talked, he seemed like he didn’t want anything with me. “ Why are you holding that black notebook so hard like that.” Again I forgot I had the notebook in my hand. “ It’s nothing really, Sam had found it in the bushes.” When I looked up, Jake was on the phone with one of coworkers or a client. “ Yes, I can be back at the office and get that part done for you. Alrighty, bye. Sorry about that babe, I have to go back to the office. I see you home tonight.” With that, Jake is rushing out of the restaurant.

It’s like he is here but he’s not here. I feel so lonely at times. “ Hi, here’s the two shots of tequila and your glass of water with lemon.” I said thank you to her. “ I am ready to order, and don’t worry about him well Jake. He had to be back at the office.” She just nodded. “ I would like the chicken and shrimp salad please and no dressing please.” She wrote everything down. “ Coming right up.”

I opened up the black notebook again, and I took another deep breath. I turn from the page with the picture of me and this Liam guy.


It’s raining today, but we are too happy to care about the weather here in Clearwater, FL. We won the lotto. We actually won the lotto. I can’t get enough of her beautiful smile, laugh, and beautiful long sandy brown hair. Her hair always smells like vanilla. Can’t wait to tell her about the house I was saving up before we won the lotto. We are going to Tampa to celebrate. Day 05-24-18/ time 10:30 am.

We were going to celebrate. I won, I can’t believe I won, but when and how. Where’s the money? I turn to the next page to see a photo of me wearing a yellow cocktail dress, with high waist boots. I had dark red cherry lipstick and my skin was more dark brownish. Wow, Liam is not a bad looking guy. He has a man bun. His hair color is dirty blonde and blue ocean eyes like Cristal. Has a sharp jawline like how young Brad pitt looks. “ Here goes your salad, is there anything else I can assist you with,” I shook my head no and thanked her. I begin to eat my salad and continue to look over the notebook. There wasn’t any more writing but more pictures. Wow there is a picture of Liam and I sitting on top of a pickup truck that was faded red.

And there was Cristal holding a little girl's hand. Looks like her but with brown hair. What is Cristal doing in the photo’s with this Liam guy? I began to panic, and the salad that I just ate turned in my stomach. I continued to look through the photo’s and there's the photo with all of us together. A guy next to Christal, who was tall and buff and had tattoos all over his arms, with the little girl between them. He has a short cut hair style. Then it's Liam and me holding on to each other with Sam sitting in front of us.

And there’s the mom who was at the park today. She was holding the little girl. They both had dark brown hair, but the daughter has green eyes. Then there that guy who was in the blue pick up truck today. He stood in the middle of the whole group in the picture. I hurry and close the notebook again. I dug in my purse and took out a 20 dollar bill and left it on the table and rushed back to the dog shop. I don’t know what’s going on here, but someone needs to tell me. I finally made it there, I was breathless. When I got there, Cristal was nowhere to be seen. “ Hello, Cristal?” A man came from the back instead. “ Hi, sorry Cristal left for today, she has a family emergency. But I can help you.” I told him I came to pick up Sam and he went to grab him and I paid him and left out the parking lot. My phone kept ringing, and it’s from Jake. I just ignore it. Out of nowhere it began to rain again. “ Gosh, Seattle, how I got to Seattle.” Not realizing, I ran the red light, and a car hit the end of my car and it started spinning. I hit the brakes, the biggest mistakes. The car hit something and began to flip.

And that's when all my memories hit me. I remember when I met Liam in high school. Next it was Cristal being pregnant, Liam's twin sister. Liam and I brought Sam at the pet shop. I closed my eyes and when I opened it, I couldn’t breathe. “Realax, Ms. Lovebird. Relax. Everything is okay.” I tried to say something but there was something in my throat. It was so bright, I had to close my eyes and try to adjust it.

A nurse came by and slowly pulled out the plastic from my throat. It did not hurt too bad just felt very weird. Finally she got it out and I felt like I had a sore throat. I tried to talk but it was so low. “ Relax baby, I am happy you woke up.” I saw my mom's eyes drench in tears. I grabbed my mom's hands and squeezed it. She started holding my hands like I was a little girl.

Time flew by, my mom explained everything that happened. Liam and I were in a car accident. We got hit by a drunk driver in Tampa. We both were in a coma for two years. Liam woke up yesterday, they had to do a small surgery for him today because he accidently hurt himself when he woke up. And they held the money for us that we won. My mom left, she was heading back to the hotel she was staying at. I took a deep breath, I am so tired, I went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning with the birds chirping. I jump up to see Jake standing in front of me. Am Im dreaming or is this real. He had a black notebook in his hand. He looked nervous. What is he doing here? “ I wanted you both to be awake for this.” I turned to see Liam there laying in the bed sitting up, looking very serious. “ What are you doing with my notebook?” Liam's voice was weak but I can tell he was a little irritated about Jake holding his notebook. I hope Jake is his real name. “ My name is Tate Ferish, I was the drunk driver driving the car that day… I am terribly sorry. I wish I can take back that day,... I can’t. I found this notebook in the grass after the crash. It really hurts me that I did not come out with a scar, because I deserved it. “ We both wait for him to continue to talk.

“ I told my parents not to help me, but since they are both lawyers they pull some strings, for me to serve 6 months in jail and two years of community service. I can’t drive until next year. But these past two years I will come and read the notebook to you guys and describe the picture and tell you how sorry I am. My parents help me save your lotto money, when you wake.” Tears begin to fall down my eyes. All this time I was in a coma and so was Liam. I remember everything, and all I can think is how long I’ve been apart from Liam. “ Again, I am really sorry. I hope one day , you guys will forgive me.” I already forgave him, knowing Liam, he did too. I sat up slowly and tried to talk but it wouldn’t come out loud enough. I was trying to tell him. I felt a warm hand on my arm and turned to see Liam holding on me.

At the same time we both said, “ We accept your apologies.” Tate looks so relaxed and happy. “ Before I go, I just want to tell you that 2020 has been a weird year. So when your family and friends come in they have to wear a mask.” With that he left the notebook on the table and left. There was a knock on our door and our family and friends standing there with balloons and baskets. “ So what’s your next step after the hospital and learning how to walk again? You guys are rich.” I don’t know but I am happy Tate read us the notebook, it kept me alive. A little different in my coma world but it helps to come back to my other half and I know Liam saying the same thing. “ I am just happy to be back with the people I care and love the most.” I smile, just happy to be here and having 100 million of dollars is just the plus.

The End


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