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The Black Book of Thoughts

The boy who read into millions

By LenrocTheDirector Published 2 years ago 7 min read
The Black Book of Thoughts
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A distant voice in the background with a soft- melodic vibrant tone; a sound that strikes with wisdom as it resonates deep through the air aloud:

"The one who seems to have the wildest dreams is the same one who can accomplish anything..."

The words flowing through the air magically caught the boy's attention faintly as he prepped for a high jump attempt at practice. He looks to see where the unfamiliar voice came from. Baffled, as he takes a moment to survey the area and sees nobody around, those words cut deep into his mind as he restates it out loud to himself

~The one who seems to have the wildest dreams is the same one who can accomplish anything ~

The boy thought to himself, "That is powerful," he said. "Someday, I am going to change the narrative; I want to flip the script, retire my parents, live my life with abundance and success; I want to live my life."

One thing most people didn't know is that the boy was a born genius. His mind and soul went to places at a young age, many were afraid to go. He has always been the most selfless person and always put others before him merely out of love and kindness.

Leaving practice, he walks home to find an eviction notice on the door, and his parents are scrambling, placing all the most important things in boxes and totes, and everything else went in the storage.

The boy lived in two worlds. The first one was a constant struggle; the family couldn't make ends meet due to job loss, garnished pay, and high-end bills. The other world was his dreams, goals, vision set, and things he wanted to do in his life.

He traveled to his dream world many times before, the element of surprise was no prevail as he traveled to these places before with his parents on the journey.

Through these times, he always kept a smile on his face, embraced love and laughter, simply knowing the fact that someone else had it worse than he did and how could he have the audacity to complain when he is still breathing.

He knew he had to be the spark that changed everything. He had to manifest how that will carry him to the next level where he can accomplish the things he set out to do.

Fast- forward

Standing in front of a bookshelf at a local bookstore, the boy is seen standing reading a book. Q, now the age of 25, closes the book with a force of emphasis that it echoed throughout the whole store like a burst of a loud thought bubble when the book closed.

The feeling of people turning their heads, eyes glaring at him was felt, but as he turned around to look, nobody was paying him any attention.

"Damn," he said. "Everything either requires credit score, cash, or business. Having these student loans don't make a damn thing easier," he chuckles to himself.

He collectively murmurs out loud.

"I have the ideas and skills, if only I can get a grant or loan or something of a lump sum, I know I can grow."

~ The one who seems to have the wildest dreams is the same one who can accomplish anything. ~

The voice he heard as a child dawned inside of his mind.

"There is no need to get frustrated," he said. "Emotions cloud reason, and if you cannot see the situation clearly, then regroup and continue to search for the solution. If there is a will, there is a way."

While walking to the doors to leave, he is bumped by a woman, short, brown eyes, long silky black hair, her books fall all over the place.

He helps her pick the books up and apologizes for not watching where he was going while lost in thought. She scrambles to pick up her belongings as she comforts him that it was okay.

She studies him for a moment.

"I'm looking for a person with the mindset that can turn their life around, help in the way I can, and help people with my mission," she said.

Gazing into her eyes, he felt a jolt; something came up to ask.

"Why me?" he said. "Why decide to tell me this?"

"Bumping into you was no accident, I felt your presence," she said.

She smiled and said, "I looked into your eyes, and I can see you have been through a lot. I can feel overwhelming energy circulating through you."

"I feel the eternal sunshine in you" "your soul is beautiful, strong, loving, passionate, and confident, and yet you're so young," she said. "You have become whole while being in the darkness."

A small blush began to arise from Q's face as he begins to respond; he was too slow to as the woman begins to speak again.

"There are no doubts in my mind about you, tell me..." as she directs him to a sitting area after collecting all her material together. They begin to have a seat, and she picks up where she left off.

"Tell me, what do you want to do?" she said.

The boy digs into his book bag and pulls a notebook out.

The notebook was thick but small. The surface was smooth as a baby's bottom, and the spine was engraved with the name Moleskine. There are kanji letters engraved on the back; mind, body, and soul with two koi fish dancing in a circle around two lotus flowers.

He looks at her and says, "I call this my Black Book of Thoughts," as he flips through the pages, the woman sees just how he built himself up and able to be so humbled. In the book, there were poetry, stories, journaling, and the blueprint to life.

"You ask me what I want to do now," he said. "I wrote it all down in here, to build my conscious mind to align with myself and do all the things I love, and that brings me peace," he said.

"In this black book, I figured out the blueprint to life and wrote it down. I tend to pass the message along with a non-profit that will help single parents or low-end income families that will break their generational curse, the same curse I'm seeking to break now," he said.

Smiling ear to ear, the woman was, but with one last question of curiosity to ensure she asked.

"How do you plan on obtaining that goal?" she said.

The boy looked at her and smiled. He flipped to the golden page that rang out to her, it glowed ambiently in her face as he expressed how he obtained this information and why he did not hesitate to write it down.

"Work, of course, I was in here figuring out how to obtain at least five thousand dollars, then I can start the plan," he said. "Just getting a big lump sum is the hardest part of all of it, the rest is sweet."

The woman stood up and smiled and said these words:

"The one who seems to have the wildest dreams is the same one who can accomplish anything," she said.

The boy looked at her in amazement and thought to himself, where on earth did she come from.

She pulls out her phone, goes to Cash App, and types in $20,000 to send. She looks at him and asks, "What is your cash tag?"

As he looks at her, energy is surging, she looks at him and adds one major detail.

"It wasn't you looking for me, it was me looking for you. Young man, the light you bring is electric and strong. I read your plan, and it's a beautiful one that will help raise a lot of people up," she said.

She sends the $20,000, gets up, and hugs the young man.

"Thank you for being who you are; the world needs lighter beings like yours," she said. "Now there are no excuses on why you can't start crossing out those goals, you already have the blueprint, now the lump sum, go grow yourself."

"Praise to the most high," he said.


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