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The best way to enrich yourself

by Arthur de Beck 2 months ago in literature
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We can all keep adding value to ourselves

The best way to enrich yourself
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There is a famous saying in Western philosophy: "The only constant in the world is change itself."

The world is always changing. Time passes, youth, looks, money...

Everything seems to be depreciating, so you must learn to add value to yourself. This is the best way to enrich yourself.

The process of self-improvement is a process of constant growth and iteration, and a way to maintain your passion for life.

Only those who know how to self-appreciate, keep learning and grow for life will have the foundation to settle in the tide of the times.

The following three ways of self-appreciation, if you stick to them, will benefit you for life.

Time increment

The English writer Huxley said:-"Time is most just, and is twenty-four hours to anyone; time is also partial, and is not twenty-four hours to anyone."

The time given by God is fair to everyone, but the value of time is not the same among people.

People who know how to add value to their time always grow faster than others.

Yu's success is largely due to his time management rules.

While managing New Oriental, he would read more than 100 books a year, write 600,000 words, and even have time to travel around.

How does Yu do this?

First of all, there is the 15-minute granularity, which means that one thing is done every 15 minutes.

Small things can be done in 15 minutes, and big things can be followed up every 15 minutes.

This effectively avoids laziness and procrastination and greatly improves work efficiency.

The second is "multi-tasking", that is, doing two things at the same time without interfering with each other.

When running, listen to the intellectual content.

When sitting on the bus, answer emails and read books.

The value of fragmented time is multiplied by maximizing its use.

It is this extreme pursuit of time that has led Yu to extraordinary achievements.

Writer Lian Yue once said, "If a person's time is worthless, then that person is worthless. Time does not lie. If you spend your time on ineffective socializing and drinking friends, you will only gain a long-term emptiness and maybe you will be prejudiced."

While ordinary people are wasting their time, powerful people are desperately trying to add value to their time.

The power of time builds up as a trickle of water flows into an ocean.

When you make your time worthwhile, time will make your life worthwhile.

Habit increment

Philosopher Bacon said:- "Habit is a tenacious and great force that can dominate a person's life."

While good habits benefit people for life, bad habits can easily ruin people.

The truly great people can control their habits and allow themselves to add value to themselves through good habits.

Remember the most beautiful translator, Zhang Jing?

In a tense Sino-American dialogue, she completed 16 minutes of impromptu translation and straddled the other translator.

This scene quickly blew up the Internet, and Zhang Jing conquered the Chinese with her outstanding ability and amazed the world.

Behind the success was the addition of Zhang Jing's good habits over the past few years.

During her college years, with her excellent translation skills, Zhang Jing was able to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an intern.

Here, she underwent four months of devilish training.

Every morning, Zhang Jing would have two and a half hours of Chinese-English interpretation training and one hour of news listening training. After listening, she would immediately translate and make sure it was accurate.

In the afternoon, it is translation, dictation, or trial translation training for news conferences.

In the evening, she would also initiate a three-hour group translation training.

It is with this kind of self-discipline day in and day out that Zhang Jing was successfully employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to psychology, if you repeat an action all the time, you only need to stick to it for 21 days to form a habit.

Zhang Jing's good habits persisted for six years.

As a result, she appeared at major international conferences and became a personal interpreter for national leaders.

Her success seems to be sudden, but it has laid the foundation.

There is no overnight fame, behind the success are a hundred refinements into steel.

What makes Zhang Jing successful is her good habit of perseverance.

Steve Jobs once said, "In the first 30 years of your life, you develop habits; in the last 30 years of your life, it is the habits that shape you."

The formation of good habits depends on enough patience and persistence.

Once formed, it allows us to take the initiative in life and move toward our goals.

Stick to good habits to the extreme, and you will reach a height in life that others cannot reach.

In recent years, the term "emotional value" is all the rage.

The so-called emotional value is a person's ability to influence the emotions of others.

In a small way, before providing emotional value to others, it is more important to achieve self-appreciation of emotions.

After all, a person who can control his or her emotions can infect others with a good heart.

Mr. Jiang Yang said in the Centennial Q&A, "Maintaining a contented heart is the best way to refine the mind and purify the soul. All pleasurable enjoyment belongs to the spirit. This pleasure turns endurance into enjoyment and is the triumph of the spirit over matter. This is the philosophy of life."

This quote is a reflection of Mr. Jiang Yang's optimistic attitude in his life.

Jiang Yang's life was not smooth, even turbulent, painful, and sad.

Even so, she walked through an extraordinary century of life with a light heart.

What life cannot bear is the loss of the people closest to her.

In 1997, her daughter Qian Yuan passed away due to illness.

A year later, Mr. Qian Zhongshu passed away.

In a family of three, Jiang Yang lived alone. At that time, Mr. Jiang Yang was 87 years old.

Everyone thought she couldn't do it, but she did.

She compiled Qian Zhongshu's posthumous works and created "We Three", work is known for generations to come.

She wrote in the book: "There is no pure happiness in the world. Happiness is always interspersed with worries and concerns, and there is no eternity in the world."

This strange girl across the century has influenced generations with her immovable indifference.

There is a quote from the book The Power of Positive Emotions: "We don't feel positive emotions because we lead full and healthy lives, and sincere positive emotions create full and healthy lives."

In life, no one has ever had a low point or a burden.

What is rare is to remain optimistic amid adversity and not fall into an emotional black hole.

Adding value to your emotions is the best way to happiness.

After all, only the pleasure that comes from the heart can nourish this bitter and pungent life.

Einstein said: "Don't try to be a success, try to be a person of value."

The value of everyone's life is given to themselves.

When you learn to add value to yourself, you can keep making progress and reap a better life.

The rest of my life is precious, and I hope we can continue to add value to ourselves and live up to our time.


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Science and technology innovation, science popularization is to achieve innovation and development of the two wings.

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