The Awkward Girl


The Awkward Girl

Being the awkward girl is hard. Wanna know how I know? Because I am the awkward girl and I am like top-level awkward, like queen awkward. Sometimes it can make things harder for you just for no reason and I will give you a few examples of that like right now.

Number 1: Making Friends

Making friends is the hardest thing in the world when are labeled as the "weird one." People literally look at you like there is something wrong with you, ALL THE TIME!! It's like you have five heads and eight arms and your giving them the RBF, which doesn't make things go well either.

But, when you do make friends, they are the best friends you can ever find because most of the time they are just as awkward as you and they can understand how the world works because they go through the same things you do among your peers.

Number 2: Relationships

Why do guys see weird girls as a game they can play? Like, no I have feelings just like you. I might have a little bit more than you. I am not an Xbox game that you can play anytime you want. They seem to think you are another notch on your belt or something you brag to their friends about.

When you do find a good guy, it will be amazing! I promise. He will treat you really good and he might be a little weird too which, will be great and you guys will have so much fun together. You guys can lay under the stars and have whatever weird conversation you want to have all night long. Also, he will know and understand that he cannot treat you like any other girl you have dated because you are unique and a one of a kind person.

Number 3: Alone Time

Everyone wants some alone time to just think and just evaluate some things that are going on in their life. But awkward people need just more space than anyone else, just because that's what we want!! In all honestly we want to be alone more than "normal" people. We just like to daydream and things that have happened or we are planning or just trying to understand the world a little bit more or just thinking about something funny.

But, there are times we would like some company around us. Like, a simple conversation or a hello or someone who could make us laugh. We are still human beings and we need things that all humans need: attention, affection, and simple friendships. That's it.

Number 4: Being Yourself

It's already hard enough to be you, but it's even harder when being you don't fit the mold of what everyone else is or how everyone else acts or behaves.

That shouldn't stop you from being yourself. You were not created to fit the mold of how other people lived and behaved. Don't try to follow someone else and try to imitate them. Create your own journey, and follow the beat of your own path because that is where your greatness lies, in your own path, not someone else's.

With all of this being said, make sure you stay true to yourself and do not allow anyone dictate who you are or how you act. You are the best you for the job and no one else can do what you in this world. Be weird, be awkward, be whatever you want because your life is supposed to be a great adventure and to leave an impact in the world.

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