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That's the song in my heart

by Ron M Pitts 2 months ago in art
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Perhaps, in everyone's heart, there is a song

That's the song in my heart
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Perhaps, in everyone's heart, there is a song, a song that is treasured in his life and accompanies him in his life journey.

Every time I part with her, I will have a deep and heavy longing in my heart and a heavy nostalgia. The thoughts and nostalgia are like an old song that people are very familiar with, like, and nostalgic for, and will ring in your ears and play in your heart at all times.

It was a cold and sunny winter day, I came alone to Moon Lake Park, which I had come to for a long time, but had come here often with her before. The sun was shining brightly that day, with white clouds floating in the deep blue sky, and a few birds jumping on the tree branches beside me, chattering and singing winter songs.

What a beautiful environment! The trees, flowers, pebble-strewn winding paths, the beautiful lake, and mountains ...... everything in front of you is so familiar!

I remember that in the past, every time we came here together in her company. We used to stroll shoulder to shoulder on the paths here, we used to wander hand in hand in the shade of the trees here. We breathed the fresh air here together, we admired the gorgeous flowers blooming here, we looked up at the white clouds flying in the sky here, and we watched the wind gently dance the golden leaves here ......

The most unforgettable thing for me was that autumn, on a crisp, breezy day in autumn. In the afternoon, we went to Moon Lake Park together. The moon lake under the sun, blue water and blue sky, water and sky. The breeze came, and the clear surface of the lake rippled, sparkling as if throwing a lake of golden fragments. The white clouds in the blue sky and the green hills reflected in the water, flickering gently in the lake, virtual and real, outlining a haunting dream world.

The two of us boarded a boat, she leaned on the prow rail, let her beautiful hair and white dress float in the autumn breeze, the back simply made me feel beautiful - "pure as lotus dust, color like white clouds beautiful as immortals. The breeze gently brushes the fragrance, the pavilion leans on the railing." The lines of the poem immediately flashed in my mind. I stepped forward and stood side by side with her, watching the white clouds in the sky; watching the water birds playing in the lake, watching the fish keep stirring up a wave on the water surface .......

That is how sweet and romantic time ah, but also how beautiful and happy days, the beautiful Moon Lake Park, for several years has been interpreted as our hot love of the golden years, precipitated the most beautiful memories of our lives!

In a person's life, there may be many encounters. There are a lot of people, many people met, just passing by; there are also many people met, but only a general friendship; there are many people met but do not care. The kind of encounter that can enter your heart, make you haunted, engraved in your heart, perhaps, only once in a lifetime, many people will not even have a lifetime.

I should be considered lucky in this life, and her encounter will always be the most beautiful in my heart, but also many people can not hope to reach. Since we met, there is a heavy love in the heart, there will be a moonlight like a melting water tender love.

After we fell in love, life added a lot of colors, and my heart was always full of sunshine, full of warmth, romance, sweetness, and happiness. The joy of life makes time also seems to be added to the gas pedal, in our side is always like lightning instantly passed.

My love for her, also let me understand in the long history of mankind, why there are so many talented people crazy to pursue true love, even at the cost of living. So there is "only one person for life", there is "if you do not leave, I will live and die together", there is "once the sea is difficult for water, except for the witch mountain is not a cloud" ......

Now, I am sitting alone on a park bench, looking at the ever-changing clouds in the sky, allowing the wind to gently brush against my face, my heart suddenly has a kind of Tang - Cui Gu "Last year today in this door, human face peach blossoms reflecting red. I don't know where the faces of the people have gone, but the peach blossoms are still smiling at the spring breeze". Yes, still this spot, still this landscape, still this path, still this shade, still this bench, but only not her beautiful figure, not her beautiful dress, not her flowing hair, and not her bright and charming smile!

Once upon a time, often followed the audio humming the song "really miss you", and now, this song has become a song in my heart. "...... miss you, you are my splendid dawn, cold winter yo also long past, may the spring color spread your heart ...... "Yes, at this moment, how I hope this cold The winter of the early past, looking forward to her in the bright spring light, in the warm spring breeze, with a beautiful figure, with a bright smile, with a flower-like fragrance, glowing to me!


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