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Talking about the values of life

by Charles W Wheaton 2 months ago in literature
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Life without direction is blind, life without values is confused, and the main distress and misfortune of life lie in the lack of direction and values of life.

Talking about the values of life
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Life values are the "compass" and "compass" to adjust the direction of life at any time based on the world view and life view, different values make different lives. Jesus' and Buddha's values made their qualities of God and Buddha, Hitler's values made his qualities of the devil, some people went into politics, some people went into business, some people became priests and teachers, and some people became great thieves, mainly because of their different values. Therefore, a person's values and outlook on life are very important!

Life without direction is blind, life without values is confused, and the main distress and misfortune of life lie in the lack of direction and values of life.

The outlook on life is the attitude that people hold towards their lives and is the driving force of their ideology. Life outlook is influenced by historical conditions and social relations and is a product of the consciousness of a certain social class. Life outlook is produced, developed, and formed in the social environment. People of different social classes have different life outlooks, so different family environments, school education, social interactions, and life outlooks will be constrained. After the reform and opening up, the inflow of ideas from all over the world and the diversification of cultures people receive have led to the existence of many different views of life in society. The hedonistic view of life starts from human physiological instincts, pursues sensual pleasures, and gets the satisfaction of thoughts from material enjoyment. Materiality is the pursuit of life's purpose, and hedonism is its view of life. The misanthropic view of life treats life as the source of troubles and sufferings, detaches itself from the world, does not pursue or strive for it, but only seeks its quietness, and has pessimistic overtones. The individualistic view of life is self-centered, doing things for their interests, pursuing to satisfy themselves, and personal interests above all. An optimistic view of life believes that society is positive, is constantly developing and progressing, can see their position in difficult situations, and always maintain an optimistic attitude in the pursuit of their lives.

The core issue of life view is to understand the relationship between personal development and social development and to understand that one has meaningful value. Marxism believes that all kinds of outlooks on life are products of the development of productive forces and relations of production. Each era and each class is different, and different people have different life experiences and situations, so they have different perceptions of the value and purpose of life, and their outlook on life will be different. Marxism says that "the fundamental criterion for evaluating whether a view of life is progressive and revolutionary or backward and reactionary is whether it meets the requirements of social development."

Values are the total evaluation and view of the meaning of things around a person's role. Values are the reaction and value reflection of one's existence in society. Values depend on the world view and life view. A person's values are influenced by family and society. Also study and interaction, there is a great influence on one's outlook on life. Some take power and status as their value, some take money as their value, some take the pursuit of truth as their value, some take faith as their value, while some take the pleasure gained from serving others as their value.

University is the most important period for the formation of life outlook and values, perhaps I realized late, so I must intensify my study and development to transform myself so that I can realize my life values. To learn the Marxian worldview, deepen the understanding of which dialectical materialism and historical materialism, use it to think and judge to understand problems, treat things objectively, and prevent subjective emotions. To stay calm when things go wrong and listen to more objective opinions. Philosophy is the highest rationality in the world, and to improve yourself, try to be more exposed to it yourself. Secondly, you should develop your own optimistic and striving outlook on life. Nothing is by chance, it must be done by your efforts and create opportunities for yourself. When encountering obstacles do not complain, do not wait for the passing of troubles, time can indifferent troubles but can not solve the problem, you must deal with yourself, do not wait. Do not take a pessimistic attitude about anything, it is impossible to succeed without fighting and trying. Do not rush to do a thing, do things before fully prepared. In short, the treatment of things must be faced with an optimistic attitude. Secondly, you must understand the value of your life. Money, status, and power should be used to serve their own lives and realize their values within the scope it allows, and not be controlled by its constraints, otherwise, their lives will not have any meaning. Do not believe in fate in life, and do not attribute things to the arrangement of heaven. If we put our sovereignty in the fate of heaven and let her rule us, we are the most foolish and pitiful people. We can dominate everything about ourselves, our lives, and our future, darkness can be turned into light, and misery can be turned into happiness. Give more help and comfort to others, and you can experience your value from it. Do not live a life without purpose and comfort, a life of blandness and stability but do not know what to want, will only wear out their will. Correctly determine their own goals, pour your own so for him, life is busy but you will not feel lost, but busy also know how to think about what each time to do things for. To strengthen their knowledge and ability, they are the conditions to achieve their value. Improve your professional level and deepen your understanding. Read more books that broaden your horizons, politics, economics, and geography to enhance your understanding. Contact more people who are more capable than yourself and try to learn their strengths relative to yours


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