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Suing Nursing Home for Negligence with the help of injury Attorneys Dallas

Suing Nursing Home for Negligence with the help of injury Attorneys Dallas

By smithpatrickPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

When talking about nursing home abuse, the need to file a lawsuit becomes a prominent and only reasonable choice. Older people who cannot take good care of themselves prefer to approach nursing homes to have a quality time of their lives. They need support, they need medical as well as emotional assistance, and if they don’t get fair treatment.

There is a small number of lawsuits that may go to trial in front of the judge. However, some do settle quickly with the help of injury attorneys Dallas. It is the patient’s right to seek the help of law to make sure all the injuries suffered get compensated.

What behavior leads to a Lawsuit?

Accidents of falls, failure to check on the patient, and even intentional hurting are widespread in a nursing home. For injuries and other health concerns that have arisen due to negligence, the facility stands responsible. It can be an act by the employee or even based on an ongoing policy that failed to be addressed.

1. A danger in the facility that the staff was already aware of didn’t take any action to avoid. It is said to be a failure to keep the premise free and safe from hazards and could lead to problems like slip and fall accidents, broken bones, etc.

2. The employee or any nursing care staff who neglects, abuses, or intentionally harms the patient. Failure to properly train the team to take good care of the people in the facility.

3. Negligent to keep supervision as a daily task, which led to the residents filling, hurting themselves, not taking proper medication on time, and many other reasons.

4. The facility didn’t keep the premises and surrounding safe and clean; unhygienic spaces possess health issues, especially in old age people.

5. When the medical care attention isn’t given the appropriate consideration, wrong medication, overdose, forgetting to take care of the patient’s medicine consumption are examples. The concerned party should file a lawsuit for the clear and present medical malpractice cases through a lawsuit.

Why File Lawsuit?

The filing of a lawsuit against a nursing home through nursing home neglect lawyers help to obtain compensation and the benefits of recovering from damages, emotional and physical ones.

Meet the experienced nursing home neglect lawyers

Monetary compensation won’t fix the trauma and depression that a person goes through. However, it can support the patient with financial support for dealing with medication expenses and more.

Compensation can help you with:

- Medical bills

- The cost associated with changing nursing home

- Physical therapy

- Other expenses

- Mental health and well being

The bare minimum expected from the nursing home lawsuit is to help you recover the cost of medical bills associated with the injuries—the stolen money from the facility that promised to help and take care of you but couldn't.

That said, some lawsuit also rewards you with additional money keeping in mind to punish the facility, employer or caretaker for harassing, disturbing you mentally.

These are said to be punitive damages, and it is the right you deserve. Lawsuits bring financial disturbances to patients’ lives, but there is another loss too that the person goes through.

How long do I need to wait?

It depends upon the state where the nursing home is situated, and the lawsuit gets filed. Different forms have different laws relating to it, and the timeline as well differs. Your injury attorneys Dallas will inform the timeline for filing the lawsuit and is governed by a statute of limitation. It means that, during the time frame, you need to take the necessary action. Otherwise, the defendant will be in a better position if delayed.

There is no specific statute of limitation in the nursing home injury case; instead, it is more of a personal injury case. It qualifies as personal injury, and there is a statute of limitation for this case type.


The lawsuits allow the victim to seek fair justice from the facility. And with the help of injury attorneys Dallas at Bailey & Galyen, we take the responsibility to fight for your rights. The injuries and trauma suffered by the patient are immense. We know it, and we are ready to help you.

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