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Suddenly like a spring breeze, a thousand trees, and pear blossoms

After the new spring, the weather is sometimes warm when cold

By Ron M PittsPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
Suddenly like a spring breeze, a thousand trees, and pear blossoms
Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

"Suddenly like a spring breeze, a thousand trees pear blossom" is said to be snowflakes like pear blossoms suddenly on a snow white, so you can also say that pear blossoms like snowflakes suddenly on a snow white.

  After the new spring, the weather is sometimes warm when cold, people are sometimes busy when leisure. When warm, when cold, when busy, when leisure, inadvertently the day to spring two March. On a sunny day walking through the countryside fields, looking down to think about a certain thing, looking up surprised by a voice: "pear, pear!"

  Yes, the field, the stream roadside, the village, the end of the wall outside the courtyard that a piece of snow white, is the time to put the pear. From a distance, a group, a bush, a pile, a group, white, white, like a layer of snow, floating white clouds, a piece of light floating white mist. Close up, a tree, a branch, a cluster, a cluster, small and exquisite, gelatinous drip. The company's main goal is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, such as a bright dish of flowers, a shaky hat, and a white butterfly.

  Look, at three or two tender yellow and slightly red leaves, holding small jade white flowers. Each one has five or six small white petals, five or six small petals holding hands around a cluster of tender stamens, tender stamens are wearing a small red or black hat. It's so bright, eye-catching, and delightful to look at! Suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of pear trees bloom

  Listen to ah, with the teasing of the wind, flowers and flowers, petals and petals, is hand and foot dance, murmuring, whispering. It seems to be talking to each other about their youth, but also seem to be discussing the fruitful branches shortly! Suddenly like a spring breeze came, a thousand trees of pear blossom

  Sniff ah, with the warmth of the surge, a tree, a flower all a one, the mouth exhaled, the dark fragrance attack. The fragrance seems to be from the delicate young woman, more like from the sweet fruit pear!

  Maybe because of the "food for the platform", may also be due to the "great steel", our childhood is rarely seen in peach pear trees. In my memory, the whole village was only in the "ditch" the slope heel, growing a fruitful old pear tree. The pear tree roots four or five children are hugging, single no branches of the tree body are more than two people high, the total height of more than four floors. It produces the pear with goose eggs, folks are called his goose pear. The old people say it is a sacred tree, above the gods live, so it can be preserved.

  Although the village is growing an old pear tree, but people rarely care about its growth and even less attention to its flowering. Just to the lunar calendar in March and April, the village "cultural people" only casually read a sentence or two "April contains the late spring language, a layer of flower color layer of days", "swallow to come when the new community, pear flowers after the Qingming "seem to understand the foreign language. And childhood we are waiting for the pear to rip can come on a big wind and rain - wind and rain, we can go to the pear tree to pick up the fallen pears! Sometimes, take advantage of the wind and rain to run to the high cliff next to the pear tree, took the stone towards the dense foliage hit - the adults saw the pears we took will say: "the wind scraped down the ground miles! ......

  Now with the "well-off pace" step by step, the countryside village everywhere has fast-growing varieties of pear, such as golden pear, crystal pear, crispy pear, and so on. Thus, every year in March, the countryside everywhere flowers, and visitors like weaving.

  The pear blossom in the poetry and not choose to choose the spot, but because of the people and different, because of the situation and different. With the wind drifting, full of broken bleak, there are bathed in the moon, the blooming of the stream of noble, more anthropomorphic and metaphorical, to speak of things. For example, "just because the spring is about to end, stay with the pear blossoms", "pear blossoms a thousand trees of snow, poplar leaves ten thousand smoke", "most like a young woman in a widow's house, white makeup, blue sleeves, and gauze skirt", "white brocade without patterns of fragrance rotten". "white brocade without lines fragrance rosy, jade village Qiongbao pile of snow", "cold beauty all deceive snow, the remaining fragrance into the clothes at first", "jade face lonely tears dry, pear blossom a spring with rain". "ordinary hundred kinds of flowers, pick pear blossoms and white people" and so on, are a lot of interest, rhyme!

  Pear blossoms shake off the cold, leaving the green leaves first open as soon as possible. Its body is clear and clean, fat to drip; its body is not inferior to the white of snow, not losing the fragrance of plum. Each of them does not care where they are located high or low, in the front is after, or to the sun back shade, all in full bloom in time. The white of the infinity of the sky and the earth, open but not domineering, passionate but not demure. The breeze to the flowering branches moves with the wind, from a distance, like a resourceful Confucian scholar, lightly shaking the feather fan, sprightly and elegant; close up, like a white chivalrous woman, quiet and at, pure and elegant. The white is not lifeless pale, but full of vitality of the white. White seems to be full of water, and oil, as if a drop of ink up, can blot a delicate picture.

  In the pear garden flowers, although there are no waves, but also the fragrance around the body. If the sun shines high, stroll with the heart, and the mind will certainly suddenly open up. Gazing at the heart will be a spotless, quiet. All the gains and losses, sadness and joy, will be swept away, a clean!


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