Strictly Aristotelian

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What kind of love do you recognize?

Strictly Aristotelian

Summer rain pattered on the rooftop like some incessant drummer pat-pat-patting this Wilmington, Delaware home. Horace Karl played an augmented reality game when the door opened. There was a shuffle of wet coats and an umbrella in the mudroom that aroused Karl’s attention.

“You’re home early, babe,” he said with the eyewear still attached to his face. He heard separate footsteps. He retracted the apparatus from his face and got up to see who walked into his house. Dark brown skinned and standing at 5'8", Karl could still be intimidating given his muscular body type. He walked from the family room to the kitchen where three people stood.

“You’re away from that contraption. It’s good to see you, sweetness,” Fiona Karl said to her husband. Her height remained at five foot ten and she possessed sharp elbows and a slight tan. Green eyes sparkled in her head like cut jade. She walked over to him, wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him.

“Who are these people?” he whispered.

“They’re a couple I just met a few hours ago. We started talking and I became attracted to–”

“Hi, you must be Horace. I’m Sienna Tiber. The last name’s like the river.” The young woman possessed bronze skin, an ample bosom, and alabaster white teeth.

Horace, slightly perplexed, responded to the young woman’s greeting with a handshake.

“And I’m Gent Tiber.”

“I got that.” Karl turned to his wife. “Uh, honey can you meet me in the living room please.”

“Yes. Sure. Just give us a second, okay? You can find some slipper socks in the bin above the washing machine.”

The couple nodded.

As the two ventured into the living room, Karl’s face remained rigid.

“What are these people doing in our house?”

“I told you. I met them and we sort of hit it off. I want you to get to know them a bit more.” They journeyed back to the kitchen.

Fiona addressed the other three. “Let’s take the conversation into the family room.”

Once settled on the wrap around couch in the spacious setting, Fiona began. She turned to Karl. “I didn’t mean to shock or anger you honey. But this is how I always wanted our relationship to be. Strictly Aristotelian. I think that I can have a beautiful relationship with both Sienna and Tiber. I want you to have the option of engaging in the open relationship that we never had a chance to realize. Well, now is the time for that to happen.”

Tiber withdrew his tablet and showed the business arrangement of the two married couples.

“I’ve created a plan to have you both benefit financially from this love square that we could inculcate,” Tiber said.

With a few taps, he outlined the tens of thousands of dollars that he would contribute to the relationship between he and Fiona.

Sienna shot a glance at Karl. Her brow furrowed. “There’s no need to worry. You see, I’m very attracted to you and Fiona but our fellow spouses have a connection. We could develop a wondrous union together, but I really want to foster a relationship between Tiber and Fiona.”

Karl raised his eyebrows. “$10,000 a month for a couple to take my wife out on dates and make love to her. I’ve always wondered what this would look like. I mean it sounds like prostitution, technically, I guess it is. But with the Great Transition we all know that that’s completely legal now.”

“That’s right,” Tiber said. His dark hair and olive skin made him look like a swarthy action movie star.

“Now, do I sign anything?” Karl asked.

“Yes, We have to have all of our digital signatures and for it to be notarized.”

“This beats cheating, no?” Sienna asked with that smile that gleamed like pearls.

“This is the best expression of being able to be secure while another man and woman take my bride. I’m proud. Goddamnit, I’m proud to be a part of this connection that we have going on here,” Karl said.

“And even if you and Sienna don’t have the same arrangement, you will always be lovers in your own right,” Fiona said.

“Once we get the final touches worked into this edifice, we will have a collection of individuals that all love and care for one another. Gone are the days where men and women had to creep and hide and lie about their actions in the bedroom. Now, there is a proper system to allow for the flow of love to become manifest,” Fiona said.

“I’ve wanted this moment to occur even before but didn’t think it would happen. I’m grateful to meet both of you and anticipate a long and happy relationship for the four of us.”

Then, Tiber kissed Fiona and Sienna hugged Karl. Fiona and Sienna then kissed. Tiber and Karl just dapped each other.

“The selfishness of this blending of couples is what is paramount,” Karl said. “I love myself so much that there’s no room to disallow my wife the pleasures of engaging in love with people outside of myself. I thank you both and look forward to many great moments in the future.”

“That’s confidence,” Tiber said.

“Indeed,” said Sienna.

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