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Starbucks: The Startup Came From Someone Else's Idea

Do you like the coffe of Starbucks?

By Winfred ParkerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Have you ever drunk the coffee of Starbucks? How do you think about it? Do you like the coffee of Starbucks?

In 1981, Howard shaw, I suddenly found that Seattle had the Starbucks coffee shop as they ordered a lot of drops of bubble type coffee pot, and order quantity more than Seattle local famous department stores, curious think things out there for Howard shaw, then li TiaoTiaoDe kill from New York to Seattle.

After his first cup of Starbucks coffee in Seattle, Howard Sioux was shocked. Compared to Starbucks coffee, Howard Sioux thought, the coffee Americans drink is horse piss and sewage. So Howard Schultz decided to give it all up and go for Starbucks, bringing Americans away from drinking bad coffee and toward the God-given roasting of Starbucks coffee!

But Starbucks in 1981 wasn't the coffee chain we know today. It was a 10-year-old mini-chain of roasted coffee beans.

When Howard Shaw returned to New York, he immediately quit his high-paying job and, amid doubts from family and friends, immediately joined Starbucks.

Unlike Ronald Kroc, THE founder OF McDonald'S, WHO HELPED THE brothers sell franchise RIGHTS, Howard SCHULTZ CHOSE TO go straight to Starbucks as a marketing MANAGER.

During a trip to Milan, Italy, two years after he joined Starbucks, Horacio was struck by the city's 150-strong espresso culture. So he began to have serious doubts about the direction of Starbucks, which only sold coffee beans instead of coffee, and he got into serious fights with his colleagues and shareholders.

While the company's elders argue that Starbucks should stick to its roots as a coffee bean retailer and not become a cafe, Joachoz advocates bringing in Milan's conscious cafe culture and turning Starbucks into one immediately.

After two years of debate, I've always wanted to sell coffee to Howard shaw, we finally parted ways with only willing to sell the coffee beans Starbucks, ventured to borrow a sum of money to open an Italian coffee shop chain, by the Howard shaw, an entrepreneurial cafe called daily coffee shop (Italian I1Giornale, it is difficult to pronounce, if someone can correct pronunciation, Howard Schultz would set off a large string of firecrackers to celebrate).

Fortunately for Howard Shaw, Starbucks veterans not only did not hold him back in the early days but also helped him as coffee consultants. But like most startup stories, Howard Schultz was embarrassed by the cash flow problem.

Two years into his own business and three decent, yet unprofitable, daily coffee shops, Howard Shaw's haunting Starbucks coffee came up for auction, and at a price far beyond Howard Shaw's reach. Still, Howard Schultz risked his reputation and debt by borrowing a lot of money to buy Starbucks and renaming his daily coffee shop Starbucks Cafe.

The Starbucks story, I also don't say more, since then, Starbucks almost non-stop in the world has opened more than two thousand Starbucks, created the miracle of countless coffee, Starbucks make Americans say goodbye to drinking horse urine, sewage of inferior coffee time, also make Starbucks become a new symbol of American culture. In August 2001, Starbucks also became the world's fastest-growing brand value company, the coffee industry has become a true kanban company.

We do not have to be as brilliant as Howard Shaw, but we can emulate their spirit and pay more attention to the small discoveries, and small moves in life and work. Maybe we don't need to start a business, but we can look for a company and industry that touches us to work and serve. We can also invest in a company that once touched me.


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