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Springtime thoughts

by Hickman William 3 months ago in art
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In March, I miss my wife, and I feel broken outside the willow tower

Springtime thoughts
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

 In March, I miss my wife, and I feel broken outside the willow tower. I can't bear to hear the sound of Zi Gui. I want to dusk, the rain hit the apricot blossom deep closed door. Outside the window, a hazy, drifting apricot blossom rain, came slowly, tender, like the tears of a long-lost and long-lost lover, rain, endless. Bitter and sweet, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. It is light like a dream, gently falling on the heart, soft and moist; it is dark fragrance floating, refreshing the heart, making people intoxicated and obsessed, lingering, do not know what day it is?


  Lightly open the window, let the light rain and breeze, brush across the cheeks, the windowsill lingered light smoke, light fragrance, light melancholy ...... through the years, with this lingering apricot rain, flowing out. I remembered my sweet, sweet, hundred years of first love and my quiet, beautiful, warm, and watery Change girl.


  More than twenty years ago in that spring, the stranger green full, apricot blossoms rosy. In my hometown, known as the apricot country, with hillsides, riversides, fields, villages, and alleys, there are many large and small apricot trees. When the apricot blossoms are in full bloom, the hillsides, fields, streams, lanes, and alleys are full of angry apricot blossoms. On the thin bronze branches of the apricot trees, among the dense buds, the apricot flowers bloom. The calyx of vivid red, white, and slightly red transparent petals, in the spring breeze, shaking, beckoning, showing off, looking from afar like a colorful cloud, the air is filled with the strong fragrance of apricot flowers, provoking the bees and butterflies, provoking visitors to gaze, lingering. With a spring breeze, petals like fine rain have fallen, falling on the warm land of spring, falling on the soft hair of young girls. What a beautiful romantic flower petal rain.


  In that flowery apricot forest, I met with my beautiful girl, a glimpse, a glimpse of love. Hold hands together and fall in love. My girl, Change, as poetic as a dream-like name, like flowers like jade bright beauty. My first love, fairy tale-like sweet intoxicating first love. Love, sweet love, these thousands of years let countless good men and women looking for, such as the madness of the human honey, glad to stop, let me like a spring breeze, such as drunkenness. From then on, my running hoof instantly turned into a lingering butterfly, loving in the sea of red flowers. My dry and lonely heart became soft, like the spring rain, fragrant and warm. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.


  The world of lovers is romantic and sweet. We walk hand in hand through the flower petals, fragrant paths, together with the blowing willow wind; we cling to each other, see two butterflies in the flowers, dancing, inseparable, together with the envy of the wings, honey, and tenderness; small river, we look at the willow, spring water in a hurry, we fold a new willow made of concentric knots, let it flow downstream, together with a prayer for our love for a long time; under the moon, we embrace to see the moonlight like water, the night is misty, we tell the world. Under the bright moon, we embrace each other to see the moonlight like water, the night is hazy, we tell our hearts together and swear to each other __ "If there is love in the sky, this love lasts forever!"


  Love is a glass of wine, drink it, we will be drunk and obsessed, sweet; love, is a bright rainbow in life, we reflect in the rainbow, the rainbow, is life forever fragrant and beautiful, beautiful landscape. Time flies. Fly through, late spring fallen Ying colorful lane; fly through, summer full of mountains swaying, gentle jasmine bushes; fly, frost leaves red like February flowers; fly, silver, thousands of trees pear blossom ......


  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. The world is changing, human feelings are indifferent. The next year, when the "red apricot branches of the spring", our sweet love has become a thing of the past. My beloved beautiful girl, married far away from home, leaving me with endless sorrow. Last year, in the apricot lane, the apricot blossoms were red. I don't know where they are, but the apricot blossoms are still smiling in the spring!


  The flowers bloom and the grass is fragrant. The small building is sleepless and alone by the fence, the bottom of the flower is separated from the sorrow of apricot blossom rain. Heartlessness is not like the pain of love, one inch becomes millions of strands. There is no end to the end of the world, only the endless place of love. The warm rain and solar wind move the heart, who can share the wine and poetry? The night is thick and I am still cutting the flowers from the lamp. I remembered my former love by the small bridge, I once put apricot blossoms, lonely tears dry. The grass is long, the road is long, longing for each other, looking at the spring mountains; between the water and clouds, quietly without words. But the moon is full, and the sorrow is still there. It is easy to see spring, but hard to see me!


  At the end of the night, I put a wisp of my thoughts, embroidered in the spring breeze, engraved on my heart paper, and let the wind carry it to fly to my lover's side, telling all my infatuation. I would like to spend my life for the slave filled with poetry in the heart paper, painted into a flowery, poetic, romantic ink Jiangnan, with the slave slanting sun to the evening, counting the years, together forever!


  I wish you, my girl, beauty! Health! Peaceful!


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