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Spring Snow

by Ron M Pitts 2 months ago in art
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When I was awakened by the familiar music, outside the window was the rhythmic, harmonious, gentle

Spring Snow
Photo by Derek Truninger on Unsplash

When I was awakened by the familiar music, outside the window was the rhythmic, harmonious, gentle, poetic sound of drifting snow. I am a little happy, I like the sound of the snow, it makes me quiet, let me be gentle, let me have the feelings of being a little woman.

  And I held up the umbrella into the morning spring snow, only to find that the beautiful sound is mixed with the accompaniment of spring rain, I slowly, slowly in the rain and snow forward, let the rain and snow ensemble wantonly knock my umbrella, and even knock my heart fay.

  Yes! I just from my life in that blizzard of broken out, will usher in this soft my mind, go to my confusion, solve my lonely spring rain and snow. This spring rain and snow are strong.

  And strong so strange encounter. And then strong into my life, my soul, but we are a thousand miles away from each other.

  Strong's magnetic, full of gentle, meaningful voice, just like the spring flowers like the mood, just like the small bridge like gentle, just like the harmony of the piano, let my dusty love element a little recovery.

  There is a story: in a previous life, there was a female corpse on the beach, the first man who passed by, saw, sighed, and left; the second man who passed by saw, took off his clothes, covered the naked female body; the third man who passed by saw, then found a quiet place to go, buried the female corpse. The man who buried the corpse was the woman's lover in this life. I prefer to believe that this story is true, I prefer to believe that Jon is the man who buried me in a previous life. Buddha said: five hundred years of previous lives to look back in exchange for this life's passing. The first thing you need to do is to get to know each other. Although I hope to be able to snuggle with you, there is too many unexpected life, there are too many variables, there are too many temptations, I am afraid that our emotions are a tree that can not withstand the wind and rain of the weak willow, after the storm, leaving a field of debris. I am afraid that our emotions are a ray of the rainbow after the rain silently melted. I am afraid that our emotions are a drop of crystal clear morning dew, when the sun rises, a little dissipated.  

  To the unit, the office colleagues are sighing this spring snow came in time, to the romance, and my heart, and strong shadow in the flicker. I don't know when it started, outside the window sounded the crackling snow particles hitting the roof, crisp and distant, it is early spring, flowers in the early spring caress weave their spring dreams, in the spring budding; birds do not miss the opportunity to sing their songs, in the spring romance singing and dancing; river water has been soup flowing, all the way singing, flowing to the distance. I thought about it, and I felt a lot of envy. If I were a bird, I would fly high to find my beautiful aspirations; if I were a flower, I would bloom and then fall with a bang to show the dash of life; if I were happy snow, I would be all over the world, the ends of the earth, to release myself; if I were a river of water, I would tinkle and sing, at the top of the mountain, among the flowers, in the spring, in the sweet words of love. I would let myself wander in the sweetness of love.

  I don't know how long it took, but the snow outside the window changed from rice grains to snowflakes, and this instantaneous change gave my heart a heavy tremor, why isn't life like that? Everything is in change. So there is water is full of overflow, things will be reversed, the high will fall heavy proverb.

  Strong, and you meet these days, you let me feel the unprecedented happiness, and even sometimes, I seem to put myself in a rosy peach blossom, were full of fragrance, full of spring, refreshing! However, real life can not be virtual, it is a step-by-step set, so, strong, and does not give me too much hope, or let me comb in the drift, to find themselves. I know that it is easy to love someone, but it is difficult to understand someone, not only to understand his happiness and joy but also to understand his grief and melancholy. The people who have been wounded in the heart know best how to be wounded because they don't understand. We are both wounded people, your injury is an external force, my injury is an internal force, and in the future, we can not afford to hurt. Even if we can't hold hands in pairs, to be a good friend, to be a healing confidant, but also to live up to our beauty! The more a person has, the deeper they will be hurt, and the less they have the more they will be hurt by the encounter, so I understand the true meaning of the desire for less.

  Outside the window, the spring snow goose feather large. This spring snow is not understood the style, only self-conscious spilling floating, and my heart also with its not understand the style gradually calm down, I began to appreciate this not understand the style of spring snow, the original desire is that pleasant!


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