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Song Zhigang: Let me down my achievements

Song Zhigang: Let me down my achievements

By Elora HaysPublished 8 months ago 5 min read

His new job almost gave him depression

Song Zhigang, a Beijing man, graduated from the police academy in 2008 and passed the civil service exam to become a chengguan. In less than half a year, Song Zhigang became a cream dozen eggplant, which can not lift the spirit.

In China, where the image of "chengguan" as brutal enforcers is ingrained, Mr. Song is often scorned, accused indiscriminately of being unsympathetic, and often mocked by his friends. His girlfriend also quarreled with him because she hated his busy work and finally broke up with him. The most dangerous one was almost injured by the vendor's watermelon knife.

The job made Mr. Song increasingly depressed and irritable. Worn down by frequent night shifts and the grueling grind of his job, Song often felt a headache as he patrolled the streets and faced the hustle and bustle of crowds. He thought of resigning many times and finally gave up under the strong dissuasion of his parents and family.

Something has to be done

Despondent return despondent, he still understands the idea of broad netizen very much. Because before he entered the Chengguan brigade, he was a standard artistic youth. When he saw Chengguan taking down peddlers' stalls, he would also be indignant. The first thing he did when he returned home was to scold Chengguan online for being cold-blooded. But do chengguan know that it is not so easy to copy vendors, many vendors have prepared to deal with the chengguan N kinds of plans, law enforcement harder, the public will scold chengguan no sympathy, soft means, but also for the safety and interests of the public concern, it is exhausted.

Say COPY ROADSIDE food STALL, not only do peddlers WANT TO SCOLD, but EVEN THE diners also glare at RETURN LET NOT LET A PERSON EAT! But the sanitary condition of many unlicensed vendors is worrying, malatang can fish out cigarette butts, with their urinals and noodles, and even once Song Zhigang also copied a pineapple stand of AIDS people, the patient keeps using the cut hand to soak pineapple, next to the people buy quite happy!

Long time law enforcement experience let Song Zhigang find that although some places do exist violent law enforcement phenomenon, the masses also do have a great misunderstanding of urban management work. A lot of it is hidden from the public. For example, many of the pancake sellers in front of the maternal and child health hospital are hepatitis carriers; And roadside hydrogen balloons filled with nitrogen are likely to cause an explosion. One of Song's teammates had his face destroyed by an exploding balloon while enforcing the law, and another was hacked to death by a vendor. Song Zhigang feels, he can not be so silent, always want to do something...

The ancients said that injustice is loud, in the process of law enforcement accumulating too much injustice of the gas Song Zhigang began to post online to express the mood, disclose the details of the work of the chengguan, to answer the masses of doubt about the work of the chengguan. After a year of doing so, Song Zhigang, who goes by the name of "Soy Sauce with the Wind", suddenly became an Internet sensation. His long post "Daily Observations of a Chengguan" became popular on the Internet, attracting a large number of fans for his humor, kindness, and mealiness.

Don't underestimate your influence

After the post went viral, Song suddenly realized there was more he could do, such as offering constructive ideas, drawing social attention to urban construction, and advocating a more rational approach to administrative law enforcement... To master more materials, he repeatedly read a large pile of case files in the unit, and carefully analyze the cases handled by the team in the past few years, but also quite fruitful.

In law enforcement since then, Song Zhigang no longer arbitrarily use the concept of right and wrong to see the problem, but from the laws and regulations and human, relations to find a balance point. Song Zhigang also more to see those illegal traders on the bright side: a binocular nearly blind old man, selling popcorn for a living, life is very poor, one day he received a hundred yuan counterfeit money, but insist on its destruction, do not let others cheated; A young man from Henan province who sells eggs and cakes works more than 10 hours a day to support his family, but he never cries bitter or tired... For these ordinary and respectable itinerant traders, Song Zhigang always as far as possible to soften the law enforcement, can persuade education will not be fine. But for those who use substandard ingredients, endangering the public health of small traders, Song Zhigang also stern punishment, no leniency...

For a long time, Song Zhigang has accumulated a lot of work experience. He sorted out his work experience and real thoughts and continued to enrich his long posts. Later, with everyone's encouragement, he compiled the online posts into a book called "The Chengguan Came". To Xiao Song's surprise, his book sold more than 100,000 copies, and was interviewed by CCTV's Kanjian program.

The young man, known as "Han Han in urban management," has a different twinkle in his eyes as he talks to Chai Jing, the host, perhaps because he sees the unique value his job gives him. Yes, the job repeatedly disappointed him and knocked him down several times, but he took it as an opportunity to rise from adversity, constantly searching for his value, and finally achieved himself, but also injected a new meaning into his career.

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