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Singles in Hershey Are Turning To Matchmakers For Love

Singles in Hershey, PA are turning to professional matchmakers and ditching dating apps.

By TrendingModelsPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Matchmaker George Cervantes

Professional matchmakers have played a huge role in getting people together throughout human history. In the modern world of online dating, matchmakers may have taken a huge hit, but they are still many who prefer the personal approach a matchmaker provides over impersonal dating apps and dating sites.

George Cervantes does matchmaking the old-fashioned way, with a personal touch, along with all modern tools of the online world. Known as the Hershey matchmaker, George attracts relationship-minded singles to his elite Hershey matchmaking service.

“I’m like a headhunter for their heart” Says George.

With Valentine’s day on the horizon, it is good to remember that romance is one of life’s best pleasures, and there is a compatible partner out there for everyone – even if it takes a little longer to find them.

George got into the field of matchmaking 12 years ago and ever since he has helped thousands of singles find their special someone. “I was sick and tired of the local bar scene, and it’s hard to meet people who are serious about dating” This is why George created a professional matchmaking service designed to help those who are genuinely looking for something committed. The bar scene can be fun but it can also be a waste of time and money.

George and his team of matchmakers work 7 days a week and the work is rewarding. “I’m a romantic at heart,” said George. “There is nothing more exciting to see two people who meet and want to keep seeing each other.”

Although there are plenty of opportunities to meet people through dating sites and dating apps, George and his team of matchmakers provide a private and sophisticated way of meeting singles in Hershey who are serious about finding love and starting a relationship. Matchmakers can also look for special matches – for people who want to play golf together or go to church every Sunday. Matchmaking services such as Date Hershey Singles provide an alternative to dating apps where most singles are just looking for a casual hookup.

George has a large database of relationship-ready singles in Hershey, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Lebanon and many more locations in PA. The company boast an impressive 98% success rate and an enviable database of successful singles who are fit and ready for love.

Date Hershey Singles offers something more personal that can’t be found on mobile dating apps or dating sites. Everyone is screened and vetted before joining the database. All clients are financially stable and emotionally ready for a serious relationship. No casual daters are allowed to join Date Hershey Singles.

Apps are so impersonal and can be overwhelming, taking a lot of time and energy. The matchmakers at Date Hershey Singles take away all the hard work out of dating and only make an introduction when they know they have found the right match for their elite clients.

Hershey is the perfect place for a matchmaking service such as a Date Hershey Singles because is filled with professional singles who want confidentiality and are looking for an effective and time-saving way of meeting like-minded singles. The services are ideal for singles over 25 who are ready to settle down and start a long-lasting relationship.

For more information about George Cervantes and his team of matchmakers at Date Hershey Singles please visit:

About George Cervantes:

George Cervantes is a professional matchmaker, changing the lives of men and women across the nation. For George, nothing is more inspiring and rewarding than watching romance blossom between a couple that he introduced at his elite matchmaking firm. Knowing these people may have never found each other without his help is what motivates him day after day.

George was drawn to the field of matchmaking 12 years ago. His insightful people-skills, spot-on compatibility radar, an innate gift for attracting the right matches, have been the magic formula behind many long-lasting relationships, both on the East Coast, where he is originally from, and now throughout California.

When George Isn’t helping his elite clients find love, you will find him spending time with his family, working out, reading or traveling locally and abroad.

Official website of George Cervantes:

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