Short Stories - The Treasure of Pike's Peak

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Part 4

Short Stories - The Treasure of Pike's Peak

Treasure, there’s a word that could get your attention. It’s not just the wealth that entices people. It’s the adventure, the quest for glory. As wonderful as it sounds, it sometimes comes with a heavy price. That price is often destroyed friendships, heartbreak, and sometimes death.

We’ve all heard of the Treasure of Pike's Peak. However, it’s no longer in Pike's Peak. About two years ago, I read a story in the paper about men who tried to find this treasure.

It was mid-summer and the snow was finally melted. The two friends had heard stories about the treasure on Pike's Peak all their lives and they finally decided to do something about it. They read books and news clippings. The two learned that the treasure was buried by pirates who had shipwrecked and were looking for some form of civilization. The trek was long and hard. What slowed them down the most was a chest of gold they were carrying. They stole this chest from the British Navy. Unable to carry it any longer, they decided to bury it and come back for it later. The pirates saw the mountain and decided to hide it there.

Of course, the pirates never returned. The two friends decided to try their luck and look for the treasure. The two spent weeks hunting for it. Every day they got closer and closer until finally, they found the treasure.

The treasure was stuck pretty tight in the ground and it was already dark, so the two agreed to return to camp and come back in the morning to claim their prize. With the excitement of their find, neither one of them slept that night. They both started to think about what they would buy with their shares of the treasure. They both began to think about how they could take all the treasure for themselves.

In the middle of the night, one decided to sneak away and take the chest. He started to dig it out. He finally got a good grip on the chest and began to pull, pulling it clean out of the ground. However, his friend also decided to act on his greed. The two confronted one another until their argument took a violent turn of events. Punches were thrown and as the fight went, the more heated they became. Finally, one man grabbed a big log and clubbed the other, killing him.

In the end, the man was arrested and tried for his crime. When the trial was over, the townspeople wondered whatever happened to the treasure. As it turned out, during the fight the treasure got knocked over the edge of a cliff. It busted open on a rock and fell into a lake.

If the two didn’t get greedy, both would still be alive and with more money than they had before. I still have that newspaper clipping. I look at it occasionally to remind me to never allow money to get in control of me. After all, you can’t take it with you.

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