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See You on the Other Side

by LEANNE RANKIN 4 years ago in fact or fiction
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Do you?

That girl sat alone down by the water and thought over and over again about how her life had become the mess that it was. How it had became so worthless and so sad.

She was completely lost. She felt broken in every way possible. She felt confined by her pathetic little existence and so desperate for freedom that she was seeking a way out. To where, she didn't know.

She had friends, a small group of them, but she knew they were there for her when she needed them, when she allowed them in, which was a rarity.

Just at the perfect time, if that is possible, she met another soul so alike her own. He became her closest friend, her best friend, the one she held too close to her heart. They shared every secret in their book of life with no judgement and no fear that these secrets would be shared any further.

These two people together were a wildfire, a force to be reckoned with, a shattering explosion of personality. They could take on the world and probably defeat it, defeat every monster, every fire breathing dragon that came from the deep.

They met each other at precisely the right time. Fate may have intervened but who can be sure. He came to the conclusion that they were meant to meet each other, it was simply meant to be and wrote that to her. She in return called them twin flames. Two souls that were the other halves of each other. Friends can be soul mates too, I no longer doubt that.

As time went on she broke. Her mind got lost in the darkness. That same darkness she was in before she met Him, it came back to find her with unfinished business. She lost her way but her best friend stood by her, spoke with her about how she was feeling, knew just by certain words she was using or her behavior, that she was NOT OKAY. She had a Britney meltdown, the shave your head, attack people with umbrellas melt down. But she knew with her friend by her side she would be okay. This time the darkness had a shining beacon. It was unlike the darkness she wandered through before she met him, that was real darkness, there was no shining beacon, no torch light, not even the flicker of a candle. He helped keep that beacon shining. Her best friend helped get her back to the light.

She got better, she made improvements, she worked with her mind and not against it. She let the little voices in her head have their say but put them right back in their place once they were finished. She became a quiet warrior.

Then, it was his turn. He broke. He had an almighty crash to earth and a shatter to his heart. She seen it coming. She seen the last string in his gentle soul snap and knew this would be the game changer.

He needed time, he needed his space, his recovery was going to be different than hers. His recovery involved only him. No outsiders allowed. No entry. He couldn't make any more room for people to intervene. He had to ride this storm out by himself and relearn who he was and what he needed in his life.

His best friend, well she could only sit back and wait. Patiently wait and hope that his fall did not snap the chord between their twin souls forever.

You see, everyone has their own way to deal with their own issues. Some need the hand of another to hold whilst they figure out who and where they are. Others prefer to go it alone. They think clearer on their own, the rebuild stronger than before, when they recover on their own.

It may be hard to be the one that has to sit back and wait for that friend to come back to you but have faith. When your kinship was strong before this moment, imagine what a powerhouse it will be once you both return stronger than before, infused with self power and self worth. That, my dears, will be a force to be reckoned with.

For the survivors that need a leaning post—reach out your hand, someone will grab it and hold it tight whilst you figure yourself out. There is always someone to help. I promise.

For the solitary recovery survivors—step out of life for a little to fix yourself. Let the ones you love know your intentions, that you will be okay. But please remember to return to them when your journey is complete.

They will be waiting for you, they may have waited a long time and you can be sure they missed you like they never thought humanly possible.

Do you, for you. Who else is going to?

fact or fiction

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Just a normal Irish girl trying to, and at times failing to, get through a sea of emotions and come out on top. Always looking up

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