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by Jeff R 7 months ago in fact or fiction
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Supernatural Family

On this particular outing, I found myself in what appeared to be some type of mental institution. I was standing in an open cavernous Coliseum, an island of rock with a space of about six feet separating it from the mainland. Reaching across from the mainland was a deranged maniac with long arms and claws attached to them trying to reach me on the island. This maniac was then confined and in his care was given a small infant. This special infant had a mystical milk-like substance flowing through its veins instead of blood. Yet, instead of taking good care of the infant, this deranged maniac was in fact, consuming the substance in the infant's veins. Before long, he had consumed enough of the mystical milk to now reproduce his own mystical milk. He now had the ability to transform his entire body into a liquid, and like water, he could go where the water went and do what water can do. He hastily planned his escape, picked up a metal water pitcher, and threw it through the glass portion of a locked door to momentarily distract staffers, while he transformed himself into a puddle of water and flowed underneath the door, and moments later he was outside. He went from place to place, transforming himself at will into puddles of water. Meanwhile, the little infant recovered and was placed in foster care. The infant grew into a beautiful young woman. She had the ability, from the mystical milk-like substance flowing through her veins, to become invisible at will. For the most part, she kept her ability a secret. Because of her secret, she never married, but she did have two children, a boy, and a girl. As with many secrets, there are often leaks. Now, secret government intelligence agencies were aware of her abilities and were anxious to capture her and bring her to their labs to run tests to try to discover the secret of her ability, to use it for national defense. She found herself on the run from the government and using her ever-developing and increasing powers more than she wanted. She decided to leave her children in the stable home of their grandparents while she was being hunted by the government. In the home of the grandparents, the young boy began talking to his grandmother about the secret location of his imaginary friend. Does this imaginary friend have a name? asked his grandma. She gave him a knowing look and told him, "You can't fool me, tell me the truth" The little boy then acquiesced and admitted that his imaginary friend was really his super-powered mom, and he also disclosed to his grandma her secret location. These two children were mentally connected to their mom in some way, and at times all three had mental conversations between them. But as the boy disclosed the location to his grandmother, a camera view, as it were, showed a close-up of a nearby table and underneath it was a listening device. Almost immediately, in her motel room where she was sleeping, the authorities burst into the room and took her captive before she could activate her powers. The government scientists put all kinds of wires and monitors on her, one of which prevented her from using her power of invisibility. A small army of doctors, scientists, and armed guards nearly filled the room in this highly classified laboratory, while more waited outside. Besides all of this electronic equipment, and medical monitors sat in a chair a wiry smug-looking little man! He rose from his seat when he saw the reporters and tv cameras approaching. He began to laugh and swagger, bragging about how he single-handedly was responsible for tracking down and capturing this superwoman. He was really quite pathetic in his wrinkled high water pants and penny loafer shoes that were so worn and leaning like the Tower of Pisa. He was quite the cartoon character without knowing he was the butt of everyone's jokes. He was like Barney Fife, thinking he was the hero not realizing it was actually hero Sheriff Andy Taylor, willing to let Deputy Fife take the credit, so as not to bruise his ego. He also looked a bit like a comic from the silent movie era. This laughable government lackey went on stumbling over himself, talking about how his brilliant tactical ingenuity in leadership was responsible for the culmination of this victorious quest. All of a sudden, a loud mechanical hum penetrated the room, and before anyone could react to the noise, through the door and wall came a chariot of sorts, it looked like the diagram of a vehicle with no real substance, only the outline of a vehicle. The outline was laserlike lines with cylinders all a bright neon nuclear green fluorescent color. Basically, the vehicle was invisible, and you could see the woman's son and daughter seated inside. The daughter was piloting this strange wonder. The vehicle hovered about three feet above the ground. It quickly moved toward the woman, encasing the bed upon which she was confined. As soon as it overshadowed her all of her bands were loosened and she was freed. Then, with the woman inside of the strange chariot of fluorescent green lights and cylinders, with her two children, the vehicle headed back the way it came. This prompted an angry shrill scream from the wiry smug lackey who shouted, "after them, after them!" Armed with laser weapons they all began to fire upon the vehicle. The vehicle responded with matrix-like effects. The vehicle seemed surrounded by an impenetrable force field. All of the military and scientific weaponry became child's play to the superior technological advances of this strange chariot. All of their laser beams aimed at the vehicle slowed to a crawl and became like thousands of little digital numbers that became like moths and surrounded the entire staff of security, doctors, and scientists, utterly paralyzing them from moving. The vehicle as swiftly as it came with its cargo in tow moved back through the walls while the government hunters were powerless to stop it. I immediately found myself translated inside of this vehicle with the superwoman and her children. We seemed to be moving at an unbelievably blinding fast speed. The daughter, who was piloting the vehicle appeared to be about twelve, while the boy looked about eight. The daughter was busy chattering happily to her mom about the reunion dinner and having all of her favorite foods waiting at home. I then heard the girl say, soon we will be on All God's Freeway, and then we will be home in no time! Then the mother told her children, "I can't go home now. That is the first place they will look for me. As long as I am hunted like this, I can't risk anything happening to you two." So the mom well rested from the little time in the strange glowing invisible vehicle kissed her children and said goodbye...for now, and told them to take the vehicle back home, then she disappeared through the wall of the vehicle. It was obvious that being in this glowing chariot had increased or enhanced her supernatural abilities.

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