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Roberta Raffel : Career, Age, Weight, height, education, husband, Marcus lemonis

Roberta Bobby Raffel

By zulmai khanPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
Roberta Raffel : Career, Age, Weight, height, education, husband, Marcus lemonis
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Bobby Raffel (Roberta Bobby Raffel) is an ordinary American businesswoman who finds herself in the spotlight after exchanging vows with famous business mogul and reality TV star " Marcus Lemonis ". Bobbie was born into an American family and has American citizenship.


There is no information about her education and family background. However, we assume that she may have graduated from a renowned American University.

Bobby Raffel's career

There is no specific information about her. She just found herself in the spotlight because of her marriage to Marcus Lemonis. But she is also a businesswoman with strong connections in the fashion world. And she met Marcus while working. In addition, she also worked as a sales manager, overseeing fashion logistics.

As for her husband, he was involved in a number of megaprojects. One such project is the television program “Big Profit,” which has become very popular on the CNBC channel. Additionally, another project that Marcus Lemonis is associated with is Marcus Lemonis LLC. This company is also considered one of the largest in the United States. Likewise, it is best described as a conglomerate.

She operates more than 24 businesses including a clothing line, sweets, food and many other businesses. Moreover, it has an impressive capital value of $75 million. She is currently one of the business partners and has invested heavily in Marcus's business.


Bobbie was born on September 21, 1953. As of 2018, she is 65 years old.


Bobby is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She weighs only 59 kg.


Celebrities like Larry King, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone have become commonplace for celebrity couples more than 10 years apart. Marcus and Bobby Lemonis are no different. Joining the list of couples with an age difference of over 20 years, these two seem more than comfortable.


She is married to Marcus Lemonis. Marcus is a Lebanese-born millionaire who has become famous as a philanthropist and television personality. The couple met back in 2016 during a trade show. After that they are so romantically attached. Despite the age difference, they are perfect for each other.

Back in 2016, at a women's fashion trade show, Bobbie recognized Lemonis from the profits and pulled him away from the phone to just chat. As a result, he agreed to buy her business, which consists of fashion groups, designer brands and retail stores. We don't know for sure whether he was forced into selling because of his strong attraction to her, but that's how their love story began.

A couple of months later, Lemonis couldn't wait to ask the big question. During the Christmas season, he gave a big surprise with a gift from Santa. It was then official that they were wife and husband. Since celebrity weddings receive so much attention, they planned a private wedding near their home in Montecito, California. Unfortunately, due to landslides and fires in Santa Barbara, the event had to be postponed.

Finally, a secret wedding took place at the Hotel Bel-Air in February 2018, with close friends and family graced the intimate celebration.


In 2020, Lemonis founded the Lemon-AID Foundation . The fund supports women and minority entrepreneurs and small businesses. In addition, Lemonis founded the Business Learning Center, a virtual platform of business tools for those struggling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic . He made significant donations to the schools he attended: the Christopher Columbus School and Marquette University. The entrepreneur supported the Joffrey Ballet Bridge Program in the Chicago Public Schools system . In 2016–2017, Lemonis campaigned to support the University of Miami athletic program . Following the 2020 Nashville bombing , Lemonis established a fund to support business owners affected by the incident.


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