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Remembering that old man

by Ron M Pitts 3 months ago in art
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That pair of old people have passed away many years ago

Remembering that old man
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

That pair of old people have passed away many years ago, slowly forgotten, just by chance, and some parents mention the old people.

They were self-talking, very affectionate, and watered down to get together.

After years of marriage, they still do not have children.

In the countryside, in 30 or 40 years ago, married for several years still no children, those left and right neighbors have long started whispering.

Once in the countryside, the family had a daughter, no son, are feeling short half, by people pointing behind the back, let alone no son.

The couple also saw a lot of doctors and took a lot of medicine, especially the kind of medicine boiled in porcelain jars, which they insisted on boiling for many years, and also drank for many years, the road is often the dregs of medicine they dumped.

As for why the boiled medicine dregs were dumped on the rural roads, so far, I have not understood.

Time flows like the east, a day, a year passes.

I don't know, from when they gave up the struggle to have children and began to belong to their simple and calm years.

They are not moved, and still, live to old age.

Often, see the old married couple, a bike, a stable sitting behind, sometimes the old lady riding with the old man, sometimes the old man riding with the old lady.

After that.

They are slowly getting older.

They walk together to the street, and buy some of the necessities of married life, tired of walking, they will find a suitable place to rest for a while, and then continue to walk.

They hold each other up.

Slowly, both more aged.

The old man's health is not good, the old lady will go to the street alone to buy things, can not go, can not walk, and ask the street people to help bring some things.

The old man was very sick, and the old lady took care of him without fail.

The old man passed away, and the old lady passed away in less than a year.

After the death of the old man, the old lady prepared all the details that she should prepare after her death.

The old lady bought a coffin for herself, hired someone to carry it and put it at home, bought a lot of white cloth, and also made a set of hand-made clothes for herself (the clothes and pants and shoes she wore on the day she died were called the clothes for the elderly).

The old man did not have children, and there is no nursing home today, the old man was sick, very sick, the old man wore send old clothes pants shoes, close the door, lying peacefully in bed, and a few days later, passed away.

I do not know, the last few days, the old man how to spend.

The old man did not catch just the right time.

If it was now, the old man could live in a nursing home, and the old man would not have to worry about the afterlife.

How many years have passed, a pair of kind old people, that voice and smile, still as kind, as good, at the same time, the eyes have a poignant thought that I could not read at that age.

No matter when, no matter in which lonely and barren place in the world, if you, me and her, meet such lonely old people again, but there is no one or nursing home placement, please give love and compassion.

When we grow old, we all need love, compassion, and dignity.


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