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by Lily Ann about a year ago in literature

Short story

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The carriage bumped over a small hole in the road jolting Rachel awake, she sat upright and covered her mouth to yawn. She moved the curtain from the side window and she looked out, it was pouring outside at the moment and she could feel the chill in the air from the previous night. I looked up at the sky and drew in a deep breath before sitting back and closing the curtain. Across from me sat my mother, for all intense purposes my father decided we are to travel to the market early in the morning to be there by tea time. We had a meeting to talk of our future, my father wished to open a bakery within the market but they would like us all to arrive at once to speak of such things.

We arrived just outside the market where my father decided to stop the carriage, my father opened the side door and helped my mother out then myself. Stepping out onto the soft muddy ground I take a look at my surroundings, there was many people running around under different tents sitting beside a few brick buildings. One of which sat empty, this was the one my father was inquiring about. We walk up closer to the building and I notice that were was a tall fat looking man standing in front of the building whom was starring directly at us. I scrunched up my my face and looked up at my mother who looked like she had the confidence of one million woman who were about to report some changes in their household. I looked over at my father, whom was holding my hand to ensure I did not run away. his face was set in a manner that showed that he meant business and was determined to get wt he wanted no matter the cost.

Once we reached the man standing by the building, my father let go of my hand. I carefully clasp my hands together feeling the fabric on the gloves leaving a small itching to my hands. I looked down at my dress now stained on the bottom with mud, my mother puts her hand on my shoulder. It was her way of telling me to pay attention, after a few minutes my mother leaned down and smiled at me. "This means we got rented the building." My mother stated as if to help me understand what will be happening next.


"Rachel!" My father yelled from the building downstairs, I sat on the edge of my bed trying to clean off the mud from my boots from baking the night before. "Rachel!" He yelled again. I stood up and fixed the end of my dress before quickly walking downstairs, passing some of my fathers employees whom were working to start the morning fire in the bedrooms for the guests that had spent the night in those rooms. I quickly walked from room to room which will finally lead me to my fathers study, which was right in front of the building on the right side. I tapped lightly on the door before entering the study, I found my father standing with his back facing me and staring out of the large window that faced out into the market. "Yes father?" I asked shyly, hoping he would turn to me. Five years ago my father finally bought the building he was renting for a bakery and he turned it into a beautifully run inn, which can hold five quests a night with two families. And a small house in the back for our employees, which we have seven of. I hear my father shuffle from foot to foot before finally turning to me, he moved over and sat down at a small wooden table where he usually does all of his finances. He motioned for me to sit then folded his hands down on the table, I quickly make my way over and sit on the other side of the table. "Rachel, it's been four years since your mother has left us for heaven..." My father paused, this was true, four years ago when I was thirteen, she was extremely ill and at last, there was no way for us to help her anymore. "What I am getting at with this is, your nineteen. The majority of young woman your age have husbands and are with children now." I cut him off by putting my hand up. "Father, I understand but I am not ready for a husband." I stated before putting my hand down. "It is not about being ready, or if you love them or not, it is about society." I pressed my lips together and started feeling myself sweat as my father continued. "I have met a nice young man, whom I would like you to meet. If I believe you two will get along well, we will continue with the courting." My father stated before he stood up and went over to the door. I stood up and made my way over to the door, before I walk out I look at my father. "Is there anything else you need from me today father?" I asked, while he thought I bit the inside of my lip, after a couple seconds he gives me a smile and reaches into his pocket. "I would like you to go into town and bring the inn some fresh fruit and vegetables." I bobbed my head then walked out of the room, making my way to the kitchen where we had a cook prepping for the days kitchen meals.

I walked through the streets in the town carrying my basket filled with apples and some carrots and potatoes, noticing that it was getting dark quickly I paused to look up at the sky. I drew in a deep breath while looking at the grey clouds coming in, when I started walking again. Before having a chance to look in front of me, I bumped into someone knocking my basket over and causing the food to go everywhere on the ground. "Sorry, i'm sorry!" I stated as I leaned down to pick up the food that is now all over the ground. Rachel noticed that the person she walked into was also helping her to pick up the food, as she stood up she looked into the eyes of the most handsome man she had ever seen. "It's quite alright, Miss." The man said, he had a deep accent that she had never heard before. He had long blond hair that shined in the sun, it was pulled back with string. He had deep green eyes that shined in the sun as well. He took a step back and gave her a smile. "Please, return to what you were doing Miss, I wouldn't want to disturb you." He said as he reached his arm out, motioning that she could leave. "No disturbance at all, Just wanted to ensure that you are okay. Sir..." I paused realizing we are strangers. He smiled again before nodding, "William, Acquaintances know me James. I nodded and gave him a small courtesy "Well then, William. It was nice to meet your acquaintance." She then started to walk away before William stepped in front of her again. "May I know your name, Miss?" He said Miss slowly as to put more emphasis. I stopped and looked at him before letting a smile spread on my face. "Rachel, my name is Rachel." I stated before starting to once again walk away. "May I see you again, Miss Rachel?" He called after me, I simply turned, nodded, then kept walking away.


Hi, my name is Lily, I have a hobby in writing short stories and books. This is my first on Vocal, If this story is enjoyed I will put up more short stories of Rachel and William.

Thank you.


Lily Ann

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Lily Ann
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