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by Chayntelle 8 days ago in art

A helpful guide to the first song I have ever put out.


Hi! My name Is Chayntelle. I am an Artist. I am a Songwriter. I am a Composer. I have been doing writing for years. I started songwriting in 6th Grade. I am now in High School.

I remember drafting R.I.A after compleating a song about determined love. I'm sure it was during my summer vacation from school and I was sitting on my bed, facing a window that was far across my bedroom. My laptop, writing journal, and pens kept me company as the lamp from my bedside was my only light source. After hearing the beat a couple of days ago, I knew what I wanted the song to be about...

I was at my Grandmother's house on the computer looking up french homes for fun. I was always proud of my name's origin, so much that I wanted to learn how to speak French, Greek, and Spanish. I learned what a Chateau was and imagined Me and 4 of my imaginary boyfriends/husbands from the ASMR roleplay community lived with me. (Oh yes I did.) I imagined all of the weird and random things that go on in the Chateau. I decided to give it a wine & dine vibe because .... TBH, I kind of like wine and champagne. It's creative enough, right? A rich woman in a poly relationship (with 4 guys) that has a wine addiction.

Now, In the studio, I didn't want any background vocals or stacked because I thought it needed to sound as natural as possible. In a way, I regret that. At that time, I didn't study my background or isolated vocals. However, I learned from it. I learned how to write Isolated and background vocals.

Speaking of the studio, I remember getting ready for a studio tour after practicing all night. (I thought I would need to sing my song to the tour guide) The studio was big and professional. We did a consultation, and I learned a lot from it. Like ...A LOT. Unfortunately, this wasn't the studio R.I.A was born at. They never called me back, I never got an update, I was getting really impatient. So, I took advice from my step-brother and decided to go looking for another studio, and I found "Dolphin Island Sound" in downtown Mobile. Long story short, I was impressed with the engineer I had. Dolphin Island sound is where "R.I.A" and her younger brother "Empowerment" was born at.

"R.I.A" didn't get much recognition, because it needed to be promoted and that would take MONEY. Due to corona, I couldn't get a job. I couldn't get pictures or a music video done. I always thought that "R.I.A" deserved better. It deserved a chance. It deserved a chance to prove itself, and maybe, with just a little more, It could have been something big. Maybe not. And because of that, I still cringe at the song and the concept, but that's what music is all about. I don't know, you tell me. I've been trying to get another song ready, but now that I'm writing this...I'm thinking..."What am I doing?"

I don't have money like that...Should I use the money I do have to put into "R.I.A"? Should I suck it up and pay for what needs to be paid for? Is this why I haven't been able to record the song I want to? Funny. Now..I have to rethink. I only stopped on the promotions because I cringed at my own song, my own child. But, nothing is stopping me from making a re-mastered version of it, and maybe, that would be cheaper.....Damn. Now I really got to think it over.

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A born writer from Washington. A singer-songwriter. A daughter. An older sister of three. Practicing to become a Pro-professional. T become an inspiring artist. To hone my skills. For now, my uploading days are "Sundays" and "Wendsdays"


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