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Prince Harry's Astrology

Based on chart available at Astro-Databank (not affiliated)

By Nicole H ChiuPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
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I know I'm not the only Astrologer reading Prince Harry lately, and I've already seen some pretty good analyses on Tik Tok, but here is my crack at it - the things about Prince Harry's chart that stands out to me.

Born on 15th September, 1984 at 4:20 pm in Paddington, England. He has the following inner planets:

  • Sun: Virgo, 8th House
  • Moon: Taurus, 4th House
  • Mercury: Virgo, 8th House
  • Venus: Libra, 9th House
  • Mars: Sagittarius, 11th House

Outer planets:

  • Jupiter: Capricorn, 12th House
  • Saturn: Scorpio, 9th House
  • Uranus: Sagittarius, 11th House
  • Neptune: Sagittarius, 11th House
  • Pluto: Scorpio, 9th House
  • Other placements:

    • North Node: Gemini
    • Ascendant: Capricorn
    • Midheaven: Scorpio
    • Lilith: Aries
    • Chiron: Gemini

What initially really stands out to me about this chart is how many planets and aspects are all pointing to the outer houses from the 8th to the 12th house. It's almost like an arrow or even an axe-shape that is pointing outward.

The sole purpose of why all these "external" (thereby, public) activities are played out in his life is because of his Moon and North Node - they could be interpreted as his Driving Force in life.

4th House meaning - home, roots, family

5th House meaning - romance, love and self-expression.

It's pretty on point to show how his marriage propelled him to speak out. This love with Meghan is a huge driving force in his life. Same as previously, the hurt and pain from the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.

What are these major themes that his outer houses are exhibiting with those placements?

It's finances, travel, career, society and purpose, helping others, finding spiritual purpose - the 10th House, in particular, is the house relating to issues with one's Father.

Oddly enough, no planets in there. The planets are in the 8th, 9th, 11th and 12 houses.

The lack thereof of any specific, driving energy in his 10th House is like a "non-issue" in his life. Despite what we may be presuming publicly, in private there is perhaps not as much emotional pain or attachment to that relationship from Harry's perspective.

What challenges he may receive from his father, King Charles III (Sun sign in Scorpio) and his brother, Prince William (Sun sign in Cancer) may relate to where he has planets in those corresponding areas in his own chart.

Prince Harry's Scorpio placements are in the 9th House - travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education, religion and even ethics. The planets Saturn and Scorpio in these houses are extremely restrictive on his autonomy in these areas. (This is like, so uncanny for Astrologers right now! It may even seem like, "Oh you are all just making this up cos his book is out anyway, we know everything cos he's told us, he's literally like an open book!" but it really is astonishing how precisely the chart is reflective of what we are able to deduce from what is now publicly available information!)

Prince Harry's doesn't have planets in Cancer, his 7th House, however directly opposite is his Ascendant in Capricorn (Sun sign of Princess Kate) in his 1st House - the house of EGO. There is a very challenging "barrier" of energy there between his 1st and 7th houses. It's almost as if Kate might be able to "see through him" and pick up on moments when he is speaking only in bravado or displaying a public "Egoic persona" - and perhaps there would be a mutual understanding between Kate and William about this "performance" that Harry exudes to the public.

Once again, the lack of planets in that 7th House is like a non-attachment. He will not spend too much energy there.

Interestingly enough, however, using this same logic, there are also no planets in Leo (Duchess Meghan's Sun sin), sitting in between his 7th and 8th houses. However, 7th house is the house of relationships, marriage, and the 8th house includes joint ventures and partner's resources.

It would be more accurate to analyse his synastry with Meghan in a property synastry chart as we don't know her Moon, Venus or other placements in this reading, but it would appear her Sun Sign - that "public persona" she shows us, is not a main attachment for Harry either. Perhaps this is also why he remains unbothered when others are disapproving of her past career choices (actress) or even how she speaks or acts in front of cameras - it's not reflective of their more intimate connections.

Achilles heels - the placements of asteroids Chiron and Lilith - that is where I would be warning Harry to watch out for. There may be a tendency to rush into projects, with Lilith in Aries - the ram running up ahead without too much thought. And Chiron, the wounded healer, in the sign of Gemini relating to communication - there is both a potential for strength as well as weakness here. A double-edged sword with communication mediums and strategies.

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This chart was obtained via: Astro-Databank.

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