Picture Stories Vol. I

My First Story Based on a Photograph (Re-Visited)

Picture Stories Vol. I

Once upon a time, there were two people, Kaito and Yui, who started off as just friends. They talked a lot, never kept secrets, went to each other’s houses, and did almost everything together. What they didn’t realize was that they were slowly falling for each other. They never told each other that they loved one another and they just sat back hiding their feelings and trying not to become jealous.

One-day Yui got her heart stomped on and the first person she called was Kaito and as always, he answered. He hears her heartbreaking and she tells him that she needs to talk. So, he tells her that he'll be right over. A few mins later she hears a knock on her door.

She gets up and runs to answer the door, giving him a big hug and whispers “thanks for coming I really needed someone right now.”

He says, “I know you did” as he hugs her back.

After settling on the couch, she begins, “I…” but she gets interrupted by a string of texts from Kaito’s girlfriend.

He opens his phone to check the messages, and before he can Yui looks at him and says, “read the messages to me?”

He looks back at her and starts to read.

"Kaito, I can’t believe you left me to go to her again. I should be the one who is more important in your life but you keep running back to her. It’s been two years Kaito and you still have yet to tell me you love me! I’m starting to think that you love her more and that hurts. You wasted two years of my life. I’ve put everything into this relationship and got nothing in return. Like I said before, it’s her. It’s always been her. Why are we even together if you knew you couldn’t ever love me? That’s fucking bullshit Kaito! I loved you with everything I had! You can’t love two people, but then again you never even loved me! Don’t bother coming back here because I’m done being a piece of ass that you occasionally care for.”

His face turns red and says, “Well I guess she broke up with me” and puts the phone back in his pocket.

Yui looks at him and says, “You love me?”

He smiles at her and says, “Yea I do.”

Her face turns red and she starts crying. She says “I don’t know why I’m crying right now. I love you too, Kaito. I have for so long. Promise me nothing will change. I love you with everything and it would kill me if I lost you because we decided to take things to the next level.” She looks at his lips then back at his eyes and it was at this moment that she realized how close they had become. They start to lean in closer and soon enough they were kissing. They pull away from each other. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. I never want us to change.” She smiles.

Months went by and soon turned into years. Before they knew it, they were married and had four kids. Among all of life’s hardships, they knew they always had each other. Their escape would be to feel the embrace of the other after all the kids were asleep.

The End

Janetta Poitra
Janetta Poitra
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