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People Who Have Helped Many Through

by Shelly Bartley 2 months ago in fact or fiction

Spotlighting Men And Women Who Should Be Known

People Who Have Helped Many Through
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In this story, the words are about many people. These words are to carry a tune to your ears through your eyes of names echoed throughout history. Each name that is in these words are names of a great many hero's and inspirations. Some of the names go a great distance it would seem back in time. Some of the names will seem new with a shine to their ringing names. The ringing is the echo for remembering. The shine is the impact they will make for the future. Every name mentioned has had its time for the echo and shine.

The first name that I would like to mention is Maya Angelou. This marvelous woman reached out to a great number of women through words. Her words embrace the truth in life. These words do not hold back on the emotion felt. The emotions flutter about like the wings of a butterfly. These wings carry a cache of emotions to share. After a moment to flutter around the words crash into the hearts of the reader or listener. It is a soft boom with a wave of different alarms. Each alarm holds an emotion felt through history. The alarms are to wake us up and help us stay strong. My admiration for this woman gives me hope that one day my words could help others.

This next person is a very famous musician. This man's music has passed through many ears to forever be remembered. His music could get many feet moving. Some of the music he played was like living out a part in a very old movie. Living a dream come true in a mysterious land full of pure bliss is one description that I would personally describe it as. The music could bring peace and instant relaxation after a very rough day. Duke Ellington is one of the best jazz players in history I believe. This is a man who could soothe the saddest face with the touch of his music. I admire this man for encouraging others with his music.

Kara Walker is an artist that deserves recognition. The way her work has a life of its own is a very powerful and inspiring thing. She is a great encouragement for others to express their selves through their work. The encouragement in her work goes deeper than words can say. It is a way for her to show the world through her eyes.

Another person that I believe deserves more recognition is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has inspired a great many people through her work. This woman has done a great many things that she has accomplished. Oprah has her own talk show. She has acted and written some books. These items are only a few of the things that she has done. Oprah is an example to show others just how much they can do.

Madam C.J. Walker is another name mentioned in this list. She was a woman who helped in different ways. Madam Walker created a formula to help others with their hair. This was something that she wanted to do. If you look up the information on her there is the material that mentions her product that she created. The inspiration that she gives to others is to follow their dreams. I admire this woman because she followed her dream which was to help others in her own way.

Maggie Lena Walker is a must mention on the list. Maggie Lena Walker is a woman who also devoted her life to helping others. She fought to overcome discrimination. Maggie Lena Walker is a great example for women to show the multi-tasking done for years. She helped women to see just how much they could do. Walker did not just fight one battle. She was a woman who helped create pathways for different things. My admiration for her is that she was a woman who fought for others.

Take a moment to stop and really look at the names in this shortlist. Each name mentioned is in a different career. My list of names is actually much larger. I picked one name from a few different jobs because I would not be able to fit all the names into this article. If you stop and ask every person which person they admired for black history month it would be a long list. Each of those names would be on my list. The reason that I say this is because they helped others. It may have been a smile brought to someone's face on their worst day but the person still helped. I do not just admire each of these people but I have a great deal of respect for them.

The respect that I have for each person is for their bravery. I respect that each person in their own way encouraged many others to fight for what was right and to follow their dreams. I respect them for being them. I admire them for being their selves to encourage and inspire others to do the same and pass it on.

fact or fiction
Shelly Bartley
Shelly Bartley
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