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People in their old age, to live in style, relying not on money, but two words

Life is actually quite simple and you don't have to bind yourself.

By Arthur de BeckPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

Nowadays, many young people look forward to retirement, thinking that at that time they have money and leisure, they should relax and just have fun. But when you get to old age, you will find that it is quite difficult to live a wise life. Even if you have enough money in your hands, you will have a lot of things to worry about and it's hard to feel at ease. The key point lies in yourself. If you have a good attitude, you will be able to have a good life.

Only when you think about it, you can forget all your worries like those floating clouds. People are older, learn to open up a little, and you will find that life is very simple, and do not have to bind themselves.

01. Rich or poor, a good mind can live a hundred years.

In real life, money is really important. It directly determines the quality of life in old age. With money, you can get what you want. If you don't have money, you can only be aggrieved. But in fact, money is only an external factor and does not fundamentally affect you. Mind is the most important thing.

No money can not extend life, no money can not shorten life. Money can buy everything, except time.

An older person who has a good mindset and is open to life will not let the little things bore him or her inside or toss him or her around because of internal entanglements.

Having a lot of money is not necessarily a good thing. There are still many things in the world that money can't solve. But there is nothing that can't be solved by mindfulness. The most important thing in one's later years is mood and body.

02. Everyone is a passerby, the destination is the same.

Life is in a hurry, everything is gone in a snap of a finger. When everyone is turned into dust, who knows which was once brilliant, which is not known? No one will think of you that way. Everyone is a transient. When you touch each other, it will fade out like a street lamp.

No matter what kind of state you were in before you were born, in the end, the destination is the same. Just like Zhao Benshan said in his previous skit: the final destination is this small box. Death is inevitable for everyone, the boom will eventually return to silence, and the mediocre will become anonymous.

Since everyone's finish line is the same, why put so much pressure on yourself and get over yourself? When death is over, there is no oil and nothing can bother you anymore.

To be open-minded is to not care, to not like things, to not feel sorry for yourself, and to not let the outside world change too much. Just live well, be open to what comes next, and face the final destination with ease.

03. I can't relax. A good life is wasted on entanglement.

In his later years, although he rationally knows that he should have withdrawn from the stage of society, he is no longer the young and vigorous self that he used to be, and others no longer need him so much. If you look forward in time, you will find this state, a state that will bring you more joy and happiness because you can do whatever you have always dreamed of doing.

The happiness and misery of your children and grandchildren have nothing to do with you, that is the hardship they need to get through. But if you still can't open it and keep dwelling in it, it's a much worse day. I'm obsessed with my work, and I want to make a career to prove my uniqueness and outstanding ability.

I'm obsessed with the living conditions of their children, and I want to use my strength to shelter them from the storm. This obsession will not bring any help, but will only make the elderly more acutely aware of the reality that they are not the same as before and have grown old.

Since sooner or later the reality will be revealed, it is better to let go of the inner entanglement as early as possible so that they can enjoy life as soon as possible. Old age is the stage of enjoying life, do not add useless pressure to yourself.

When people are old, the past is the past. Past experiences make them feel more peaceful. They try not to go on unnecessary occasions and not to worry about things that are not good for them. If you want to live a relaxed life in your old age, you have to adjust your mind.

When you cross that hurdle in your heart and look at the world a little brighter, you will feel that your previous vision was too narrow. Why should you affect yourself over trivial things? At this age, you should be self-centered, see yourself, and become wise, it is your responsibility.


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