Orange Skies

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Orange Skies

The silence hasn’t stopped since my last breath has escaped my mouth. I ease into my morning face.

“No real being will love my impurities. They cannot see me as a half melted candle surrounded by wilted rosebuds. Too young to be so dull. For a rose, my age should resonate with red wine across my face. A beautiful frame to complement my locks of hair. My fingers warm with bright yellows and murals of the highest glory. I am neither acceptable as the maiden of the strongest man nor the maid of a young farm handle.”

The shade provides a slight breeze that hugs my arms. Whispering into my ear with a cool, gentle touch. With my arm pale as the paste I use for my hollow walls, I reach out to the light that flows through my window. The sun gives me some warmth as a streak of ice flashes across my back. I may not know why the mistress stays with the married man. Though we all know he will not leave his wife and child.

“So endearing, the smell of cinnamon lingers in my hair even as I wash, it stays intertwined in my strands of hair.”

He looks at me with a sudden chuckle as if I told a joke. Barnaby, my dearest companion that has been by my side for the longest. Through every endeavor, he hasn’t failed me which is why he has my love. We know not what we are as a team. Friend for the public but lovers in our own eyes. A soft touch came across my back. Warm with confidence and love, something I could never miss out on. I was always loved by the mass of the village. I was a proper young lady, by all means, gentlemen wanted to court me. Always, I have to refuse. I don’t think I can ever leave my beloved Barns. Even though he can never be mine.

“Stay calm Dove, you ponder so in silence,” he says with deep passion. “I’m missing your sweet song during these cold days. Why not cum with a real man? ”

I sharply cut my eye at him. Though he may be my gentleman, his words should be carefully revised. His soulful eyes still guide me towards him. He never ceases to amaze me with his masculinity, with grace I reach for him. With his strong yet gentle hands, he strokes mine. With his strength, he pulls me from my rest into the air where he catches me. His chest soft and shiny yet I can still a bit of roughness. A sudden shriek of fright escaped my lips. He looks at me, pleasantly confused with a smirk.

“Why so surprised Dove. There were many times where you reached the ceiling and weren’t a bit impressed,” he says with the widest smile across his face.

I replied “You mean when you making an effort to impress me while trying to peek at my-”

A series of footsteps go pass the door. Shadows appearing where light can be seen under the doorway. In a panic, I gather my clothes and put them on, so does he. And with moments to spare, slowly creeping through the door we hear.

“Hello honey, Church was excellent this evening. The preacher gave a lovely sermon about truth and honesty. So many people in the world who are sinners. I pray for their souls.” The softest voice you could hear on a Sunday.

She hasn’t seen me yet, she came in with such a rush and with her back towards me It’s like I don’t exist in her world.

“Sounds like quite the sermon we expect Preacher Jones to give. It’s ashamed I had to miss that,” I replied as though she was speaking to me.

She turned in shock, she didn’t notice me at all coming in. Barnaby was always my best friend since 1st year of school. The whole village knew. So she wasn’t as surprised when she realized it was only me.

“Linia, it’s so nice to see you, dear. I’m sorry I came in with such a hurry I didn’t even see you. Your dress is always so clean and white. I thought you were my guardian angel welcoming me home.” She reaches for a hug.

In all my life it has never come this close before. Even though I don’t know that she knows.

Queen Jordan
Queen Jordan
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