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Not Everyone Has Your Best Interest at Heart

The types of people that you need to stay away from.

By Jan MagallonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Let's be clear, there are only FOUR negative types of people in your life. No matter how you sum it up, they all fall in to these categories:


They are the ones that you've spent your entire childhood with, or the ones that you met in your adult life, and the worst part is, you're still in communication with all of them. These are the people who always want to know what you're doing with your life, what your next move is while silently making better ways for themselves, secretly comparing your situation with theirs and making your friendship feel like a competition. Most of the time, they make you feel like their life is better than yours without you knowing it (they have the better job, better car, better relationship, etc.). It's sad to think that people like them do exist, and because we treasure them for all the years we've spent telling them our secrets, small victories, and downfalls; sometimes, it's always the person who we least expect, the one who we trust the most, and for that, we tend to turn a blind eye.

We will never know when they will stop. Who knows? Maybe competitiveness is in their blood. One thing is for sure, they will never be fully happy for you. A day will come when you'll achieve something that they can never have, and that's the time that they will start being distant with you. Always be careful on who you want to share your business with.


This is a hard one. These are the people who are supposed to be there for you from day one, to guide you and support you, but instead, they ridicule you for your life choices. They are the ones who always doubt you, and refuse to believe that one day, you will become successful from the path that you are taking. From your college degree down to your wardrobe, they will always have something negative to say. Instead of making you choose freely on ways to live your life that can make you happy, they are the ones who have the most heart crushing opinions which make you doubt yourself, and lose confidence. They think they always know what's best for you, but the majority of times, they don't. They only have a certain image that they want you to follow, and will dictate you on how to be their perfect protégée.

You have to remember that you are allowed to make mistakes on your own. If you know that you're not doing anything wrong with your life, by all means, follow those dreams, and live life however you want to.


This person is supposed to be your better half, the one who you choose to spend your whole life with, and the one who you're ready to be there for, through sickness and in health. It was supposed to be you and this person against the world, but instead, he or she makes you feel insecure, and you fall under the cracks. There are so many ways that a partner can be toxic; they can make you feel like you're the only one fighting your battles, and laugh at your choices, or they suffocate you, and prevent you from doing something that will make you happy. Whether it's going out with friends on occasions, wearing dresses, eating a carb-heavy meal that you love, or wearing outfits that you feel good in, or pursuing passions that could potentially make you grow as a person. This person is afraid of changes, insecure for whatever, that could potentially ruin the image of the person that they fell in love with. They say they love you, but a person who truly loves you will support the changes in your life, and will choose to be there when it happens.

Sometimes, words are just words, meaningless without actions and support. You have to know when enough is enough. They may not hurt you physically, but he or she is destroying you, mentally. Sometimes, your gut will tell you that something is wrong, something that your heart chooses to deny.


These people are the ones who you've met at work, a park, a party, a bus station, a library, a classroom, a gym, or anywhere you can think of, especially on the internet. The types of people whom you've met, or have been acquainted with for a short period of time. The bullies who will try to humiliate you, in any way possible. People out there who are unhappy with their lives, and will always have negative opinions about everything, even on your personal life. They are the ones who you won't think twice to burn bridges with because of how irrelevant they are in your life, but they still continue spreading lies and gossip about you.

Do not tolerate this type of person, and never step down to their level. All they want is attention, and that's one thing that you have power with: to either feed it to their ego, or starve them for it. As soon as you ignore them for whatever they throw at you, they will eventually stop, and move on to their next victim.


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