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Nan Pai SAN Uncle: To make money by selling ghost stories

Nan Pai SAN Uncle: To make money by selling ghost stories

By Elora HaysPublished 4 months ago 10 min read

Thanks to the book, he gained fame and wealth:6 books, sales of 2 million copies, and an annual income of 1 million yuan... Nanhai third uncle, why so red?

In 2010, at the national book ordering Conference, Nan sent their third uncle with "Grave Robbing Notes 6" in person. Tall, slightly fat, quiet, bundled up for fear of the cold; Shy, introverted, fast-talking, and a bit stammering. It is hard to imagine that Nam Pai SAN Shu, who wrote the ghost stories that made countless people scream, is so young, honest, and naive, with a childish face.

Is such a young man, 27, has created a series of prominent achievements: the grave notes written by the sixth still momentum sufficiently, "thorn ling" writing for movies of the same photo book, Hollywood Paramount bought "grave notes" film and TV rights, the United States Imgac comics "grave notes" English comic version is listed on the English countries around the world... ...

Deep hidden south sent the third uncle is the hero of this era, is a hero, we will ask the source.

Kids who grew up scared by grandma's ghost stories

Nanpai's third uncle, named Xu Lei on his ID card, was born in 1982 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. An only child, ordinary family circumstances, parents for ordinary workers.

His parents are busy with work, and Xu Lei has lived with his grandmother since he was one year old. Grandma's house has a big yard. Every day, many children gather there to listen to the old people tell stories, many of which are ghost stories.

Many children may have had a grandmother who could tell stories in their childhood, but it is rare to find a grandmother who is good at telling ghost stories. In this way, the ghost story of grandma deeply burned into Xu Lei's heart and even affected his later life.

At school, Xu Lei often tells his ghost dreams and ghost stories to his classmates in class, so angry that the English teacher in front of the class humble he: "Xu Lei, you can't be great!"

"All gains and efforts are proportional, and the future is your own. Your attitude now determines your future path." Xu Lei was a senior in high school when his father told him so.

In his spare time from studying, Xu Lei often went to his uncle's antique shop to see what was new. More often, he listened to his uncle tell the stories behind the antiques. Uncle often told the story to remind him to prepare for the college entrance examination. Xu Lei said: "If I can't go to college, I'll come to your shop as a clerk." Xu Lei is self-aware, but read more books and maybe he can become a writer in the future. Unable to find a good book to read, he turned to the Xinhua Dictionary and read word by word. "It doesn't matter if your grades are bad and your teachers hate you," Xu said. However, I should never give up reading. Despite this, he hoped to be admitted to the university, to show the teacher who was convinced that he could not succeed.

"Nanpai's third uncle" was born

Bill Gates is his idol, so he chose e-commerce as his major in the college entrance examination.

In his junior year, Xu Lei registered a company online. By the end of 2006, he had a small nest egg that helped him complete his marriage. After he got married, he began to want to do something he liked and was good at. For example, I have had a dream since sixth grade: to be a novelist. When the global financial crisis began in 2007, Xu Lei felt a sense of relief as his company struggled to survive. He gradually put aside his business, read his favorite books, and went to his uncle's antique shop to listen to stories. More often, he thought about writing stories.

Xu Lei's mind was full of stories, and the first ghost story he heard in his life -- the bloody corpse told by his grandmother -- jumped out first. And my uncle's antique shop has all kinds of props for ghost stories. Xu Lei began writing ghost stories on his Baidu post bar: "Fifty years ago, Changsha Darangziling. Four earthmen are squatting on a mound, all of them are silent, staring at the Luoyang shovel on the ground." The story of Grandma is his outline, and the "me" in the story is himself: cowardly, indecisive, not knowing which girl to choose when he fell in love, but being chosen by others.

This is the beginning of The Tomb Raider's Notes. After the first chapter was written, millions of followers, Xu Lei think red is not good. The editor of the publishing house called him to publish his book. Four months later, a sample copy of Notes on Tomb Raiding I: Seven Stars Royal Palace of Lu was delivered to Xu. The pseudonym "Nan Pai SAN Shu", was the editor who urged him to think casually. The 25-year-old "Nanpai SAN Shu" became an overnight sensation, and within a month, his book "Notes on Robbing the Tomb I" had sold 600,000 copies.

Xu Lei thinks that the greatest pleasure of his fame is that he can "get revenge" on the teacher who once declared that he could not become a great man, and his parents can tell everyone that "my son is a writer."

Instead of taking care of the company's business, Xu Lei wrote manuscripts full-time at home, with 20,000 words a day. The stories Xu Lei had hoarded for so many years finally had a place to vent. Within a year and a half, he published three books in a row, which attracted more and more fans. But others accuse him of plagiarism, saying his books have sparked a wave of tomb raiding, and that children born in the 1990s who claim to be tomb raiders call him all day to correct mistakes in his books.

A man of great ideas never grows old

By the time the fourth book was written in 2008, Xu was fed up. But he's under contract. He can't walk away. The publishing house urged every day, that his wife was pregnant, and he was immersed in those ghost stories in the dream and dream and began to lose sleep all night long. A voice told him, "Stop and be with your wife." Another voice said, "You can't stop, or you'll get too many stories." He turned off his mobile phone and sat in front of the computer all day writing and keeping his mouth shut. Finally opening his mouth, the wife was very disgusted to say: "Close quickly, smelly!"

Struggling, sleepless, and depressed, Xu Lei panicked as his wife's belly grew. "I'm afraid I'll lose my inspiration when I become a father. I'm afraid my wife won't be as tolerant of me when she becomes a sister-in-law." He went to check the information of Haiyan and Stephenson and learned that they both had children and were doing well in their middle and old age, so he was not so afraid. After seven days and nights of writing, he accompanied his wife into the delivery room. The moment when he was promoted to a father, his depression was cured by itself. His son was super handsome, Pisces like Xu Lei, very clingy, and had his own opinions at a young age. Xu Lei, who became a father in his 20s, said the role of a father made him understand a lot in an instant. Such overnight fame, such as the fame of the rush of wealth, adulation, and criticism, all these things, are outside the body.

However, Xu Lei is still a little confused about what to do when faced with the adulation of media or fans. "I still stutter when I'm nervous. But because of being a father, I know I'm getting stronger. I used to be scared half to death writing ghost stories and having nightmares. But now, I'm not afraid." Xu Lei said that writing is a process of meditation, with joy and sorrow, pride and loss. However, to a certain extent, people's values and minds will be sedimented and become mature.

By the time he reached the fifth installment, Xu had taken his time, reading as he wrote: archaeology, Zen, gangology, and Taoism. His series of tomb raiding novels are actually to satisfy the curiosity of those who have the same vanity but failed to get ahead in the 1980s to find the unknown and explore the future.

From the summer of 2007 to the end of 2009, he published six volumes of "Notes on Tomb Raiding," which sold 2 million copies and earned millions of dollars a year, creating a myth of tomb raiding novelists. In December 2009, Hollywood studio Paramount approached Xu Lei to buy the film rights to The Tomb Robbers after his efforts to find a domestic film company failed. "They are turning the novel into a play. It doesn't mean the film will be made, but I have already received the first payment from the company." If it turns out to be a movie, Nanpai SAN Shu could top the rich list of Chinese writers. Xu Lei, who has always been low-key, proudly boasted, "How many cells have scared me to death to write ghost stories! If it happens, my wife, son, and I will never have to work in our lives."

When his son was a year and two months old, his wife asked him, "Who is Mama's darling?" The son pointed to himself. The wife asked, "Who is Daddy's sweetheart?" After looking at his father, the little boy pointed to Xu Lei's computer. From then on, Xu Lei would spend every weekend with his wife and son, no matter how hard the press pressed him or how important the event was.

"I will support my son in all his attempts not to commit a crime. If he doesn't want to read, I'll do it for him." Xu Lei said that the reason why an unknown person like him has achieved today is due to his parents' leniency and trust. In this sense, he is a lucky and happy post-80s.

The reporter asked Xu Lei, who has gained fame and wealth, what is he afraid of now? He ponders for a long time and says, "No matter how scary the ghost story is, it will not scare me. I am not worried that I will grow old with my head full of stories. I am not worried that my love will disappear, and I am not worried that my son will grow up to be cowardly and hesitant and at a loss in the face of love." "I am still a coward -- I am afraid that my son, who is not yet two years old and often plays with the toilet all day, will stubbornly decide that the computer is his father's 'sweetheart'. I was worried that my son would not kiss me and that I was rich but not a good father."

In 2010, Xu Lei said, "I hope Imgac's English cartoon 'Grave Robbing Notes' can be successfully launched; I hope that in the past three years, I have grown nearly 40 pounds of fat, and I can fall one by one. After finishing the eighth and final book, "Notes of the Grave Robbers," take a break; Write an Avatar fantasy book for your son; To tell ghost stories to all the children who are serious and obedient..."


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