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My Kitchen Table

comfortable places to write.

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 4 years ago 2 min read
My Kitchen Table
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As writers, we all have that place where we prefer to write at above all others. It is comfortable and allows us to forget the world and pour our creativity on either paper or into a computer or laptop.

For some, it is a coffeeshop, in which the coffee scented atmosphere makes some of us feel more legitimate as we glance over at other writers typing away.

For others, it is the library for the peace and quiet, which isn't the easiest thing to obtain sometimes. There is knowledge stored on every shelf if we need it and we don't need to buy the books.

A home office is another place many people have, where the mind is conditioned to focused and if you prefer having a regular computer, it's a prime spot to set that up.

And some of us write in our school common rooms because we are already there and it's convenient. And maybe use it as a reward for finishing our school work.

For me, it is at home at my kitchen table.

Although I've written other places, quite often an well mind you, I always know that my kitchen table will there for me.

It is the perfect height for me, has plenty of space so I don't feel cramped, and it is right close to the coffee pot if I want any, or the fridge if I want water instead.

There aren't strangers moving around me so I can leave my laptop for a moment without worrying about someone stealing it. I don't need to wear a mask at home, which would distract me from being creative.

I can wear whatever I choose whenever I want without getting unwanted side glances and comments from random people, or without getting either hot or cold.

I can slip my headphones on, plug myself and them into my rock music, and get lost into it. I can listen to it for as long as I write without having to worry that somebody is talking to or at me, or going through my data. And I can sing aloud or hum to a song I like without being told to be quiet.

I don't have to keeping looking at the clock on my laptop every few minutes so I can leave to catch the bus on time to go home, which for me can take a while.

I have all of my writing technique and improvement books feet away from me at my disposal to help me become better at my craft. Those are great to fall back on.

I know the sunlight won't blind me since there are no windows in my kitchen, but they are in the living room, giving me the right amount of natural light to see without inducing a headache.

I can eat and drink whatever I want without having to pay for it, nor do I have to buy anything from the service counter in order to keep my seat.

If my computer runs low on charge before I am done, I can just plug it in and continue writing. I can easily research a topic if required. If my laptop needs to update, I can just do it. And the WIFI is free and connects to my laptop and is secure.

Of course, we all get distracted by something or someone sometimes, even in our writing spot. It happens, that is just life, but we can jump back into our stories much easier when we are comfortable like I do at my kitchen table.

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