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Must You Chew Your Food?

Fast Forward From the "Love at First Sight"...

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 4 min read
Must You Chew Your Food?
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Must You Chew Your Food?

Love at first sight is a non-existent. Scientifically and spiritually speaking, it can be explained as a pheromone phenomenon. However, I cannot speak to these theories at this time. “Love at first sight” is just a fleeting treasure of an unfound passion without ourselves. This moment (that I wish for all of you to have as many times as possible) is not to be viewed, by any means, as a negative. For, these moments, will be forever remembered, be retained forever in your memory, leaving them- forever alive. It is passion. It is excitement. It is adventure. It is exhilarating- but love, it is not. Anything positive that makes your blood pump a little faster and your heart beat a little harder, is always worth it. Let your heart dance and flutter. It is a scary thought that in while today, when our hearts do in fact, dance to a different beat, we have to electrocute it to conform. Why can we not consider the alternative? That, maybe, those hearts are supposed to beat a little differently. Why can’t we trust in nature, not doctors, not humans, not greed, not manipulation, not the press? Because we have become a society that is taught to no longer trust, love, or think for ourselves. We are told what to believe and we are told what to think. I keep saying this, and yet, nobody listens to me. However, I will try again,” history always repeats itself” and it is up to all of us to re-write the future of our history books.

Not only do we distort and interchange the definitions and terms “lust” and “love but we also hold onto these flirtatious faces and grasp these first-time exchanges for longer than we should. We imprison these “lust at first sightings” as if they are of actual tangible possessions to keep, in fear or never receiving another. I am here to tell you-be not afraid. For these will happen again and again, if you will allow it. We need to stop turning moments into milestones and keep them just as they are- moments in time. A beautiful memory with an open ending to ponder all the possibilities of what could have been. An unfinished story that is left to still be written. When you are finally capable of recognizing that this is lust- not love. You will find these moments almost everywhere you go, because people want to connect with other people. It is an innate desire.

So this tall, dark, and handsome being that bought you a drink at the bar (big whoop) now becomes your significant other. Then they become your everything right? You find yourself so far off your path that you encapsulate yourself in them and with that, you, yourself, have become lost. You become lost in relationships when, in relationships, you should be found. So what comes next? The resentment phase. You start to become irritated and irritable with almost everything they do or almost everything they do not do. Constantly in a state of frustration and anger, but if you take the time to sort out the sequence of events, the only person you really must be mad at is yourself. You were the one that gave up parts of yourself to complete your partner. Granted, you had the absolute best intentions of building a relationship, and you also expected that level of love to be reciprocated- but then it is not. So you leave right? No, we stay. We settle for less and give even more- depleting every ounce of ourselves into loving another person.

The person “at a glance” with whom you have tried to procure a relationship, is just as much a stranger today as he or she was the first night. That memory you once had of this “perfect person” is now null in void- there is no perfect person. Have you ever found yourself secretly, or perhaps even blatantly, glaring at them, asking “Why must you chew your food?” Their initial idiosyncrasies are now daily annoyances. AND WITH THAT LADIES AND GENTLEMENS (I like a plural “s” on gentlemen) IS HOW WE END UP IN THREE YEAR RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE 1,067 DAYS PAST THE EXIPIRATION DATE.

So leave the nonsensical idea of “love at first sight” at the curb and let them be only what they are to meant to be- a memory. Instead of worrying about finding out “soulmate” and living happily ever after, we must learn to love ourselves. Do not sacrifice yourself for the handsome devil. I include myself in this destructive cycle. I am 34 years old and just beginning to really love myself and to trust in myself. I am 34 years old and I am just realizing that I am allowed to do so.

Takeaways: the love you could give to a partner, should first be given to you, by you. Love yourself. You will never be able to love someone else if you cannot or do not love yourself. Love is not always romantic. Love your neighbor. Love your difficult family (distance yourself from them, sure- but love them, even if from afar). Love your hobbies. Love nature. Love life. Love your animals. Love your children. Love your opponents. And most of all, love your haters, for they still have not learned to love themselves.

Oh yes a poem…

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

Stop trying to love everyone else and love only you.

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Jamie LeFebvre

A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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