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Missing on Companionship? Hop in a Human-like Plush Bear

by Alex Murphy 14 days ago in product review

How to survive at home in pandemic time

Big Teddy Bear

It is 2021 and the Corona tide is still not over. Amidst this health tension, people are losing on a companion with whom they can talk and unburden the heaviness of fears and anxieties that pop up now and then. Bad days need to be counter-attacked with a soft and tight squeeze and Giant Teddy Bear are best to get that in the times when we are bound to follow the social-distancing norm.

Not only this but the fair line of the research evidence over the years in the field of psychology has shown that people not only feel a close friendship with a huge teddy bear but also develop the ability to spread one to the world around them. It is that ubiquitous!

So, what is inside these large bear furs that make them so special that it has become a gift craze among the adults and elders from what it once used to be just a plaything for toddlers and kids?

Well, here’s a drill to what makes man-sized teddy bears the ultimate companion

Reason 1: They are the 24x7 patient listeners!

Call ‘em at midnight or any moment of the day, they are always freaking ready to listen to your happiness and sadness with the same smiling face that will melt your heart. You will not regret their presence in your room.

Reason 2: If you are scared of nightmares, they’ll be there!

Imagine you have always been under a habit of sleeping with a nanny or a sibling or a friend and suddenly when you have grown up, you have to sleep all alone due to some unimagined circumstances…. Does the thought scare you? It is normal to have a phobia of darkness and bad dreams, one cannot suppress it but having a larger-than-life boo bear will not make you feel lonely. You can anytime do away with the haunting dreams and dark thoughts by clasping into their giant furs.

Reason 3: They will help you develop good qualities!

A true fellowship is not just a rosy picture of nodding to what you are but it also teaches you and helps you grow into a better individual. So does these huge plush bears, if you engage yourself with them fully, you will realize how beautifully they will help you improve as a person. You will shed away your fears, anxieties, and even inner complexes which adds up to a beautiful soul. If you will talk with them a lot, you’d realize that gradually you have mastered your interpersonal skills and have gained self-confidence. Psychological research has shown this where people who have grown under the company of a teddy bear have had a healthy childhood when it comes to social skills than those who had to grow alone due to unfavorable circumstances.

Reason 4: Your Human friends can get tired but not them!

Humans are born to get exhausted after a certain limit. Be it your playtime or sharing the same sorrow, naturally, a man-friend of yours will stop showing interest but teddys are so everlasting spirits that they would never fail you on anything!

Doesn’t that sound super relaxing?

Reason 5: A smile before bedtime and a coiled-up sleep are the companion feelings you get every day!

Quoting in the end but truly of utmost importance is the moment when you hit the hack after a long tiring day and your jumbo teddy buddy is there to spread his heavy comforting arms with a sweet smile. No matter how tiring and hard the day is, you will loosen everything under their optimistic vibes! A great fellowship is the cause of a happy sleep and they sure are such a deliverer!

The above five reasons are just a sneak peek into the magical adorability of teddy bears. They can offer even many more healing to you that are beyond our notice. Hold on one for yourself and share how it has helped you as an ultimate friend in the ongoing pandemic emotional need.

product review
Alex Murphy
Alex Murphy
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Alex Murphy

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