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Meet Dhar Mann: The Creator of the MOST Inspirational Videos on YouTube

Looking for inspirational videos on YouTube? Check out Dhar Mann - the creator of some of the most inspirational videos on YouTube with over 13 million subscribers.

By TrendingModelsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo of Dhar Mann & Laura G

Everyone goes through difficult faces life and sometimes we turn to YouTube for inspirational videos that can pick us up during those tough times. That was the case for me and that’s how I found Dhar Mann’s YouTube channel. Dhar Mann is the creator of some of the most inspirational and life-changing videos you will find on YouTube.

His videos cover all types of different scenarios where the underdog always comes on top. I really love the story of Grant Cardone and how he was a drug addict before becoming a billionaire entrepreneur and the famous person he is today. The story hit home because I was too a drug addict for a long time and now, I only focus on my businesses and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Dhar’s videos have been life-changing and very motivating for me and my life. I always know that when I am feeling down and out, that I can go to his channel and know that other people have been exactly where I am and have overcome major life obstacles and achieved major success in life.

Dhar has become the biggest inspirational video producer on YouTube with over 13 million loyal subscribers who LOVE his content just like me. The guy is a genius for making inspirational and positive videos that will not only get out of a funk, but motivate you to keep on going despite facing difficult times in life.

One main thing you are going to learn from watching Dhar’s videos on YouTube, is that you never fail unless you stop trying and that is something that is engraved in me now thanks to his videos. I keep trying and trying no matter how hard it gets sometimes because I know that it will eventually pay off in the end.

Dhar had a similar story growing up before he came the ultra-successful person that he is today. He made few bad investments growing up and led a party lifestyle that quickly caught up with him. He ended up broke sleeping on his friend’s sofa before teaming with a beauty blogger name Laura G. They both had an instant connection and together they created LiveGlan on YouTube that became a HUGE beauty empire.

Learning from Dhar’s personal story and watching his videos is going to make you want to go at harder than you did yesterday and will motivate you to pursue all your dreams no matter how hard it is today. At one point in his life, Dhar was sleeping in a tiny partner (300 square feet) that only had room for a bed and sofa. He worked relentlessly until he saved enough money to pay everyone back and to move out to bigger place and continue to work on his brand. He is now a multi-millionaire living in luxury homes and leading a successful lifestyle thanks to the hard work and dedication he put to building his brand.

Why should you watch his videos?

Do you find yourself going through difficult times in life and don’t know how you are going to make it?

Maybe you made some mistakes that got you into the position that you are today and maybe you need to grow up and take responsibility for you actions and change your mindset to become a better person and achieve success in life.

Dhar’s videos will teach you how to overcome failures, because he has done it too and is now of the most successful YouTube content creators in the nation with over 13 million subscribers and his numbers continue to grow every day.

Dhar creates amazing content that changes the lives of people from all over the world and will help you during difficult times in life.

Watching his videos will teach you that you too can bounce back if you choose to stay focused and motivated in pursuing your goals.

Go check him out!

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