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by Sandra Bongjoh 15 days ago in literature


Here is the rest of the story Mary is in danger that I submitted before in 2020. I am going to talk about Mary second meal with Jane

Please listen to the story of two apartmates that have a meal together.

Jane and Mary never talked together in the living room. They have never been together in the living room and shared a conversation together. This time, Mary was in the living room and was talking with Jane.

They were discussing about something. Mary asked Jane if she wanted some chips to accompany her pizza, and she went to his room and grabbed a bag of chips, then they ate together. It is like Mary found herself good friends with Jane. Jane told her that she will be paying for the rent if she helps her to pay for it.

But Mary really did not want to foot the bill for her, and let her know that she will not pay for it because she is not really rich,

Then Jane decided not to argue. Actually, Mary also let her know that she can help her to pay for the rent if she pays her back. She also told her that she has all her time to pay for the rent.

She has until end September to pay for the rent that she has not paid in August. The monthly payment deadline was the next month. It could be postponed to the next month. That was the way it was.

Jane was done eating; Mary was also done eating; they both washed the dishes and Jane decided to leave the house to go somewhere. She went outside with boots on and locked the door behind her. Mary was not sure about what she told Jane for the rent. She really did not want to pay the rent although she told Jane that she could help her. She just lied to her. She knows that Jane will not pay for the rent.

She went back to the living room, and watched the news on CNN. Mrs. Peters was taking the lift and rang the bell Mrs. Peters face.

She opened the door and Mrs. Peters told her again that her apartmate has until the end of September to pay for the rent.

She told Mary that she is not going to blame her, but if Jane runs away that will be her paying the rent. That was too much, Mary was not happy at all.

She told Mrs. Peters that Jane will not run away, and Mrs. Peters went back outside. Mary found Mrs. Peters strange. She did not know what to say about that lady's character. She was asking herself why she is coming to her house every single day when she gives extra time than the real month to pay for the rent. She did not liked it at all.

She went to her room, and she decided to take her novel back to the library. She went outside with sneakers on, and walked straight to the library. There were a lot of places that were not far away from her house.

She felt like not reading again. She wanted to go to Franklin and Marshall College to ask if they have a gymasium.

She had her card prepared and activated. That was a card that allows her to come to open the door to enter the gymnasium. She went back home after that, and decided to change her clothes. She opened the dor and went to her room.

She opened the door, and locked herself. She wore her sport clothes; she went to the kitchen, filled out her waterbottle of filtered water that was in the filter. She went back to school and used her ID card.

She was happy, excited to work out. She was determined to work out for three hours. She was working out, running in the carpet, and walking when she feels tired.

She enjoyed her sport. She wanted to keep herself busy. She has a lot of plans. Things were going fine for her. She was glad that she found a way to be active. The way that she found was exercising.

She ran, walked, and was drinking some water when she felt tired. She ran for about three hours and dropped. She drank again water, and felt tired, really tired. She went back back home and decided to rest when she gets there. Her house was not far away from gymnasium. She walked and she arrived there, then opened the door, and went to her room and took out her clothes. She took a shower that was the only shower that she was taking in the day because she has to pay.

After that, she went to her room and dressed up. She put her shoes on, and went to the kitchen. She started cooking for dinner; she cooked macaroni and cheese. She put it in the microwave for a few minutes and let it boil. When it was ready, she took it out. After that, she put biscuit in the oven, and let it for some minutes. She took it out after five minutes. She ate her macaroni and cheese with her biscuit, and she drank her glass of coke. She had a big bottle of coke in her fridge. That was all that she had. After that, she wenr to the living room and watched her show that was going on the television. She did not want to be disturbed like always.

Sandra Bongjoh
Sandra Bongjoh
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Sandra Bongjoh


I am Sandra Bongjoh. I am an author. I come from the Southern part of Cameroon which is called Ambazonia, the Amba Bays. I write stories for both children and adults. I also write novels on other topics such as politics books, cookery .

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