Male or Female?

Which is better?

Male or Female?

There is a question stirring upon us every once a while. The question is, Which is better? Men or Women. If you want to go for a singular, Man or Woman.

I think I have run into a solution to this answer. Yes, it will surprise you if you haven't it figure out.

Before we get into the answer that I had discovered.

What is the difference between Man and Woman? Besides their penises, vaginas, and breasts. And women can carry a baby and men can't.

The only difference isn't really different. Because both sexes have a lot more common than you would think.


Well, simple.

They have feelings!
It is true that women are more in tune with their feeling than men. BUT did you ever wonder that there are women who are afraid to show them just as men do?

There are men not afraid to show how they feel. Basically, men and women have choices, either to express it what either they want to or not. It wasn't because of their sex.

Lots of times I see my male friends who afraid to show their feeling because they worried what their male friends would think of it, less of a man. Just because you express how you feel or show a bit of tear isn't really make you less of a man. It shows you're human and you do care.

Some woman would think a man who cries and in touch with their own emotion is wonderful to be with, and some would think they are being a bitch.

The way I look at it, women have friends would think less of her because of her emotions.

Either way, Men and Women have the same issues.

They both have the same roles!
What really irks me so bad is that the statement says, "Wife should be home clean, cook and take care of kids while the husband brings home the bacon or bread."

Let me tell you, that is pure BS. There are husbands who stay at home, taking care of the house, food, and kids while the wives at work bringing the money.

Wives are not made to be at home, doing stuff for the husband. They both have a house that they are share and in marriage, or relationship that should take BOTH to take care of it.

Basically, they have the same roles.

They have goals and dreams!
Often you're at a job, you want to get better pay by working hard and earn that position you were aiming for.

You would assume as a woman, you see many males at a higher position with better pay because they think men can only run the business.

You know what's funny? It is the same way with men who assuming the women work their way up top by using their assets such as figure, breast, and ass. Or flirty kind of tart if you would.

Okay, yes it is fact that women are struggling to break through the barrier that sets in company's beliefs that is if they are old school. Thinking it should run by men because they are smarter.

Wrong! Men and Women are smarter which is depending on a person.

A man can be smart and woman can be smart but which of them drives more to reach the top? It could be the man if he comes up with something that helps the company developed better, or/and woman could do the same thing. It was never based on their sexes, it's a person what either male or female.

They have same ideals!

Sex. Money. All of it. They have the same ideals!

For sex, there's a woman who likes to give pleasure to man as well man like to man and woman to woman. Same thing. They have sensual feelings and orgasms.

They both like to have money, to spend on their clothes, jewelry, cars and on their boyfriends/girlfriends.

They want a long relationship or have no relationship.

The Answer is?

Give me a drumroll! Bam!

Neither one of them is better. It is thinking about which is better. That what wrong with us today.

For instance, a CEO who thinks a man should run by men only. That put a strain on women who want to move up. It is similar to a woman who thinks it should run by women, the same effect on men.

Another instance, men are a lot stronger than female. Nope, women able to build their muscle and can be trained and can be learned to take down three hundred pound man. Both are lot stronger, but who is better in tactic to take one down?

Ah, ah, you can't think men are smarter and better because women are also smart and better also. Or size, or weight. They can be the same.

It should be never about the question if which sexes are better. The question is how can we change what we think of the sexes.

I am a male who doesn't think less of opposite sex. I surround myself with female friends because I am more in tune with my emotion and I like talking to them about it. Some male friends are open-minded about talking about it. And very few male and female think less of me because I am a male that in touch with my own feelings.

So, what you think? You still wonder if man better than female, or female better than male?

If you do, it is nothing wrong with your opinion because it is yours to express.

I thought I should express what I feel about that question, Men or Women?

fact or fiction
How does it work?
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